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Ethica Delivers Talk at Entrepreneurship Event

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance speaks at Yurizk’s Business Leadership Coaching Event

DUBAI, UAE May 29, 2014 — Ever dreamt of running out of your cubicle, unfurling your wings, and flying off to start your own business? This might be the event for you.

Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance in Dubai delivers its colorful — and not entirely uneventful, amid the global financial crisis — story live at Yurizk’s Business Leadership Coaching event. In “Ethica Institute of Islamic Finance — Inspiring Story of Entrepreneurial Success,” Ethica shares lessons from its journey and answers questions from existing and budding entrepreneurs.

“We believe that the next wave of growth in the Islamic finance sector is going to come from entrepreneurs. The long tail of the many small businesses serving highly niche industry areas are entrepreneurs who want training and certification in Islamic finance to understand the products they need to be conversant with,” said Ethica’s spokesperson. Ethica’s Certified Islamic Finance Executive (CIFE) is now held by professionals in 62 countries in over 100 financial institutions, many of whom are entrepreneurs who have launched new businesses in Islamic finance.

The idea of Ethica working with Yurizk came about because of aligned interests. Yurizk is a leading online source of global Islamic finance education information for stakeholders in the industry. Focused on facilitating human resources development for the Islamic finance industry, in 2012 Yurizk launched an online directory of Islamic finance education providers. In 2013, Yurizk released the ‘Global Islamic Finance Education Report,’ with comprehensive intelligence in the education sector of Islamic finance. So it made sense for Ethica and Yurizk to work together to support entrepreneurs in the Islamic finance industry.

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