Conference to spread Communal Harmony

Patna: At Bihar Sharif, 80 km away from state’s capital, Peace Foundation and Youth Forum are jointly going to organize peace conference on June 2.  It will be addressed by some top Islamic scholars of India. The program is to promote peace and brotherhood across religions with the motto to achieve communal harmony.

The scholars who will take part in the conference are Shaikh Sanaullah Madni from Mumbai, Maulana Shakil Qasmi from Patna and Hafiz Shanuddin from Phulwari Sharif.   While briefing on the program Aftab Hassan Shams, of Youth Forum said, “the purpose is to propagate the message of peace present in different religious scriptures.  It is going to inculcate a sense of social responsibilities and accountability before our Lord. Fear of God is surely going to make the citizen law-abiding”.

Naushad Ansari, Secretary, Peace Foundation, Patna, said, “the discourse will be unique, for, the theme itself is to disseminate peace in the society and also to clear cobwebs of misunderstanding among different communities. The speakers will also speak on common beliefs of Adi Grantha i.e. Vedas and youngest revelation of God i.e. Holy Quran”. “Will there be any stronger binding force between Hindus and Muslims than ‘Brahma Sutra’ and ‘Kalima”, he questioned.   He said that the communal clashes are weakening the social fabric of the country and ultimately hindering its progress, hence, everybody must unite together to fight with this menace.

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