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EditorSeptember 20, 2021

For some mysterious reason this innovative crime has acted like a somnific for one and all   By A F Kirmani  IT has been more than two months since the disgraceful ‘Sulli Deals’ came to light but so far not a single person has been arrested for the crime. What makes the handling of the […]

EditorAugust 30, 2021

By Frank F. Islam The Aligarh district panchayat recentlypassed a resolution asking the government of Uttar Pradesh to change the name of the districtand its eponymous city to “Harigarh.”  This proposed renaming is not an isolated event. Cities and district renamed in the UP since the last election in 2017 include, most notably, Allahabad, which […]

EditorAugust 5, 2021

One can be optimistic that Biden’s selection will lead to a debate on freedom of religion and more interfaith dialogues in South Asia and other parts of the world, writes Frank F. Islam On July 30, US President Joe Biden named Indian American Rashad Hussain as the country’s new Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom. If […]

EditorJuly 30, 2021

By Dr Shariq Nisar Corporate Governance refers to the set of systems, principles and processes basis, which a company is governed. Aim of Corporate Governance is to promote corporate fairness, transparency and accountability. Over the years, Corporate Governance has become the cornerstone of good business practices. It encompasses the processes, practices and policies that a […]

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