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EditorMarch 28, 2022

Rummana first started posting pictures of haleem, Hyderabad’s most famous dish and also a signature dish of Habeeb’s Kitchen and other pictures of kebabs, marag, cutlets, biryani, kofta, double kameetha, fruit custard and so on. she even shares these recipes through her videos on Instagram Nikhat Fatima       HYDERABAD – “Choose a job you love, […]

EditorMarch 25, 2022

By Shaheryar Hossain, Kolkata Kolkata: Womanista, an exhibition cum sale based on women clothing, was held in Heera Banquet on March 20, 2022. The products at the stalls ranged from condiments, trinkets, dry fruits and artificial jewellery to clothing. The event was aimed at promoting micro-entrepreneurship among women. “We are selling products [clothes stitched by […]

EditorJanuary 12, 2022

Maeeshat News Network Mumbai: Education is the elixir for curing the backwardness of any community. Unfortunately, Muslims in India aren’t so fortunate in this matter due to the lack of requisite attention to it. It is easy to blame the poverty-stricken Muslim masses for their inability or the unwillingness to educate themselves; however, a large […]

EditorJanuary 4, 2022

Bushra is mother of two children, both born through caesarean surgeries. Besides, she had to endure two more major surgeries. Yet her resolve to continue her education and later pursue competitive exams for various Indian services remained unaffected Zeeshan Karimi ALIGARH – Its very rare in the history of Indian civil services that women candidates face […]

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