Syed Mohamed Beary

Syed Mohamed Beary: A Torch Bearer of Sustainable Development for Last Four Decades

On a crisp and refreshing Friday morning in August 2009, I had the opportunity to meet Syed Mohamed Beary for the first time at a mosque in Bengaluru right after the Fazr Namaz. The time and place were decided by him for the interview I had asked for as part of our story on top entrepreneurs in India who have made a significant impact on society.

He was a renowned real estate developer in Bengaluru who seemed to have a rare blend of business acumen and personal integrity, setting him apart from others in his fields.

During the interview, he exuded calmness and wisdom. I couldn’t help but be struck by his quiet confidence and, at the same time, the unmistakable presence of spiritualism that kept him grounded and true to his values despite impressive achievements. 

He had given me half an hour for the interview, but as it turned out, I ended up spending the entire time with him until the afternoon Friday prayer. We discussed many things on and off the record, and I finally took his leave, feeling inspired and motivated to strive for excellence in my own life.

In 2013, I was again in Bengaluru to organise the All-India Minorities Business Summit. But despite my best efforts, it was not coming through as planned. A week before the summit, I met Syed Mohamed Beary, disheartened, and informed him that I was planning to call the summit off.

At that time, he advised me not to give up and waste one month of hard work. He told me to redouble my efforts and realise where I was going wrong, as a lot could be done in the one-week time that was left for the summit.

I started convincing entrepreneurs, business people, and professionals with renewed enthusiasm and belief. In just a week, things turned around for me. The summit was held successfully, with as many as 175 representatives of different organisations from India and abroad turning up for the congregation.

When I look back, I believe that summit’s success gave a new lease of life and direction to my endeavours, and much credit for this goes to Syed Mohamed Beary because if not for him, my plans could have fallen through.

The cover story in this edition is my tribute to that noble soul who is always willing to extend his helping hand to needy ones. The story covers the whole range of work he has been doing as a real estate developer in the field of “green and sustainable development” as well as his efforts in educational entrepreneurship to uplift the downtrodden. The story also sheds light on his life journey and how he overcame obstacles to make an impact in society.

Also in this edition is an insightful piece by Frank J Islam from the US on how the recent tech layoff there could affect the H1-B workers and the Indian economy. Additionally, there is an article examining whether Urdu journalism is declining in India. At the same time, an uplifting story showcases a Kashmiri youth’s effective use of social media in the promotion of the Kashmiri language.

Another report covers a daylong meeting of dignitaries in Bhatkal discussing Taqwa Credit Cooperative Society. This Sharia-compliant and interest-free banking unit has successfully operated in Bhatkal and is now planning to expand to other parts of India, starting with the southern states. 

Besides all that, this new edition is packed with numerous other fascinating stories, news, reports, and viewpoints that you might consider important.

As the diverse content of this month’s edition is set to captivate you, we eagerly look forward to hearing from you with your valuable insights, thoughts, and reflections. So, enjoy reading, but don’t hesitate to write back to us.  


People and Planet Before Profit…

Syed Mohamed Beary: A Torch Bearer of Sustainable Development for Last Four Decades

By Danish Reyaz | Maeeshat | Mumbai

Mangalore, a throbbing port city in Karnataka, is well-known for its pristine seabeaches, beautiful monuments, delicious cuisines, and diverse culture. At the same time, the city is known for its sizeable Muslim population comprising different ethnic communities, of which the Beary community is most prominent.

The Beary community traces its root to Arab merchants who settled in coastal south India in the early seventh century. Because of their ancestry, the community has been in trade and business for a long time. This business community is not solely concentrated in Mangalore but also scattered to different parts of Karnataka and elsewhere in the country.

The community has produced many eminent people, and Syed Mohamed Beary is one of them- a successful real estate entrepreneur and developer currently based in Bengaluru.

He is the Founder & Chairman of Bearys Group, a leading construction group in Bengaluru credited with having built many platinum-rated buildings and completed several high-profile projects across the country and abroad.

Mr. Beary is also environmentally conscious, unlike many builders and realtors who often flout environmental norms in completing a project. He has been a champion of sustainable and green development showing exemplary regard for environmental conservation.

Besides, and perhaps most importantly, Mr. Beary is a socially aware entrepreneur with a strong commitment to the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden. He runs a group of educational institutions in and around Bengaluru and Mangalore, providing world-class education, and thus shaping the future of the youth, especially the poor.

Mr. Beary’s achievements and impact on society are worth admiring, more so because he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He is a self-made man thanks to his sheer hard work and steadfast belief in the Almighty.Here is an inspiring story of his success and his unflinching commitment to people and the planet.

Birth and Childhood

Mr. Breary was born into a poor family on July 28, 1956, in Kudapur, a coastal village in Udipi district, 55 km south from Bhatkal in Karnataka. His father used to earn only Rs. 362 a month, doubling as an Imam (priest) and a teacher. With that meagre income, it was a never-ending struggle to take care of his children, whowere thirteen of them.

Mr. Beary was good at studies, but the financial problem was getting in the way. Yet, he continued till 7th grade. When he was in the 7th grade, an unfortunate incident happened. One of his cousins, who was very dear to him, died. It greatly affected his young mind, which was already disturbed seeing the financial difficulties at home. Thereupon, Mr. Beary couldn’t concentrate on his studies and missed his annual exam. And one day, without telling anybody, he took a bus to Mumbai in quest of some work to contribute to his family’s income. Thus, he became a school dropout without life giving him a second chance to return to school.

Became Evolved and Knowledgeable Man

It is difficult to believe that Mr. Beary, a distinguished businessman, who builds corporate offices, runs schools and colleges, handles hundreds of employees, deals with officials, politicians, and corporate honchos on every day basis and gives speeches in chaste English, could actually be a school dropout.

He has developed himself impressively despite missing out on formal education. He never let it affect his thirst for knowledge and desire to evolve. “Life is the biggest school.” Mr. Beary says. “Every new day brings a new lesson. It is up to us to detect that lesson and learn from it.”

He reveals even though he stopped going to school, he never stopped learning. Be it religious or modern education; he kept learning all by himself alongside doing his work.

With his efforts, he has grown into a man of knowledge with rich insight into various issues and topics concerning our life, religion, society, and the world. These intellectual enhancements in his life are achieved alongside his impressive business skills and professional competence.

Pursuit and Perseverance

Mr. Beary reminisces about the day when he took the bus to Mumbai. He says he didn’t know then what that journey would entail, but he was hopeful that something good would come out of it.

Hijrat (Migration) has its blessings from God. It can change life for the better. Plus, it is the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet. Had I not migrated, perhaps my life wouldn’t have transformed,” says Mr. Beary.

According to him after migrating to Mumbai he started doing odd jobs that came his way. Financial rewards were much less for the hard work he was doing, but he didn’t lose heart as he exercised Sabar (patience).

Sabar has an important element in Islamic theology as Quran says the Almighty, Allah is with those who are patient in the face of problems and adversities. However, Mr. Beary slightly differs regarding what Sabar, an Arabic word, actually means.

He cites one of the early translators of the Quran, Muhammad Marmaduke Pickthall, who translated Sabar as perseverance. Mr. Beary passionately says, “Sabar doesn’t mean exercising patience only, leaving the matter to God. On the contrary, Sabar means striving continuously to change difficult situations with grit and resilience.”

Guided by that philosophy, Mr. Beary never abandoned the hope for a better tomorrow during his struggle in Mumbai. He was constantly looking for opportunities to increase his earnings so that he could help his family back home. And in his persistent quest, one day he got the opportunity to go to Muscat, the capital of Oman.

During those days, finding a chance to go to Gulf countries was a big thing. Mr. Beary grabbed it from both hands. There he started with ordinary work but soon managed to get employment in a big oil company.

Mr. Beary says that getting a job at the oil company was a big leap on his path to a good career. He used to get Rs. 23,000 as a monthly salary, a large amount in those times. “More than the good salary,” he says, “my job at the company provided an opportunity to learn the ropes of the business. The business skills and acumen I have developed today have much to do with my job at that oil company.”

The Homecoming

With good earnings and the happiness of helping the family, Mr. Beary was having a good time in Muscat. He had dreams and determination to do well further in the land of fortunes. But he was also a young man, and family members back home wanted him to get married.

So, as per the family’s wish in 1976, Mr. Beary was married to a girl in his native place. It was one of the happiest moments in his life. But soon, misfortune struck, and it snatched his loving father from him as the former died in 1980.

Mr. Beary says it was a time for reflection. On the one hand, he had responsibilities towards his wife and children who were in India; on the other, his soul was anguished after his father’s demise.

After much consideration, Mr. Beary decided to move back to India as he began to dislike living away from his loved ones. “It was a tough call leaving Muscat because I wasn’t sure what to do after returning to India. However, I knew I would make good of any opportunity I get or create if I work hard,” says Mr. Beary.

Starting All Over Again

After returning to India, Mr. Beary took some time vacillating between a few options to get started. He also didn’t have much capital to invest by now. So, finally, in 1981, he decided to be a real estate agent. However, there was one problem. It was a field known for alleged corruption.

Mr. Beary says, “At first, I thought I would be a misfit for this profession, but then I committed myself to work on my terms without compromising my values. And Alhamdulillah, today, I have given a new direction to this profession.”

People who happen to know Mr. Beary vouch for his honesty and moral uprightness. He says he never looked for a shortcut in life because once someone takes that route, they start compromising and embracing dishonest ways.

Mr. Beary founded Bearys Group in 1981 and with it his humble journey started. Ferrying around the city on an ordinary scooter to meet with clients and visit sites became the everyday norm. Hopes and heartbreaks in business dealings became part of life. But the show went on.

In two years of hard work, Mr. Beary managed a profit of seven hundred fifty rupees. It was surely not much, but it gave him happiness and the impetus to keep going. He says, in 1986, he succeeded in arranging lands for various multinational companies such as IBM, Motorola, etc. It resulted in good financial gain and, at the same time, provided him recognition in his field.

Making a Leap of Faith

Mr. Beary kept floating amid the highs and lows of the market by dint of his hard work. However, in 1992 when the market revived, many overseas companies also threw their hat in this field, increasing the competition.At this time, Mr. Beary took a bold decision to tryhis luck in Construction and Development. Mr. Beary tells a fascinating story about the first project his company undertook.

He says that they could find three-acre land in Mangalore where they planned to build 120 flats. But the problem was it called for a massive investment of around 18 crores, whereas he only had 1 lakh rupees.

Any normal businessman would have developed cold feet because of the vast insufficiency of fund. Even so, Mr. Beary ventured into his maiden project. “I have unwavering faith in God. Without his grace, nothing is possible. It was only his blessing that with such little initial fund, we could complete the project.” Mr. Beary says, “In the gratitude of the Almighty, we aptly named the project His Grace Residential Villament.”

Up next, Mr. Beary took up the Green Orchard project in Domlar, Bengaluru, a housing society containing around 40 flats, completed in 1995 and remarkably without cutting down a single tree.More projects followed, and Bearys Group’s caravan started moving on in its new endeavours.

bearys project

Pioneering Design-Build-Deliver Model

There are some differentiating features that make Bearys Group stand out in competition. With time it has mastered the art of completing projects in the Design-Build-Deliver (DBD) model, taking all accountability from start to finish.

Since all aspects of a project come under the complete ownership of Bearys Group, the project sees no hold-ups at any stage and construction work moves at a quick pace, resulting in cost savings.

Mr. Beary says, “The DBD model has several advantages for the clients. Given that projects are completed at a seamless pace and delivered with a reduced timeline, it enables our clients to put the projects to use and monetise them sooner than expected.”

Thanks to a four-decade experience and vast expertise, Bearys Group ensures the best environment-friendly design with great practicality and high aesthetics. Moreover, the whole process goes through a stringent quality check.

Green Architecture and Sustainable Development

The UN Climate Conference at Glasgow in 2021, in which India was a signatory, pressed the alarm button about the rising Green House Gas emission, creating environmental havoc in the form of climate change.

To the total Green House Gas (GHG) emission, buildings and rapid urbanisation contribute 40 percent, which will only increase in the coming years.

So, there is a dire need to reduce GHG emissions by shifting to renewable energy. Mr. Beary says, “For that, we are already geared up. More than 80 percent of energy requirements in all our projects are fulfilled by renewable energy.”

The Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT) in Whitefield in Bengaluru and BadariyaJuma Masjid at Kodi are two shining examples of Net Zero Building, which meet 90 percent of the energy requirement from Green Energy while some other projects await similar certifications from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC),bearys project

IGBC, a part of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), is dedicated to enabling a sustainable built environment for all and facilitating India to become one of the global leaders in the sustainable built environment by 2025.

Mr. Beary, a senior fellow of CII-IGBC since 2015, also happens to be the Chairman of the IGBC- Bengaluru chapter; no wonder, for his excellent credentials and commitment towards green architectures and sustainable development.

Mr. Beary says that Bearys Group has strictly adhered to environmental norms since its inception. All the buildings by the group have the hallmark of sustainable green architecture.

“In our projects, we don’t cut down trees,use renewable energy, and ensure our buildings receive ample sunlight during the day to minimize electricity use. At the same time, we don’t cause damage or injury to the environment as we segregate and recycle discarded wastes,” says Mr. Beary.

This approach of Bearys Group also ensures design diversity. Its projects are uniquely designed with state-of-the-art technology to meet green architecture and sustainability principles. For example, Bearys Harmony Homes, one of the group’s early projects, has about a hundred flats but features forty flexible designs.

Mr. Beary proudly says, “We are perhaps the first developer in India to have six Platinum IGBC-rated projects.” Platinum rating is awarded by IGBC for a project addressing all aspects related to environment and green features under different categories.

Mr. Beary further adds, “Scores of our projects have won several awards and certifications from national and international organisations in various categories for our committed efforts to mitigate our buildings’ harmful impact on the environment.”

bearys project

Venturing into New Areas of Entrepreneurship 

It is essential to scale and expand in any business endeavour, constantly adapting to the changing trends and technologies to gain a competitive edge over others. Bearys Group has done the same.

From a real estate agency four decades ago, it has transformed into a vertically integrated property development company and total real estate solutions provider that takes care of every aspects: design, development, construction, management, marketing, as well as consultancy.

In addition to being Bengaluru’s ‘first total real estate provider,’ Bearys Group has forayed, with much success, into new businesses such as Retail & Dealer Partnerships, Interior Solutions. Managed Offices, Investment, Hospitality, IT and Global Enterprises, etc.

“The level of expertise, experience, and brand cachet we enjoy has allowed us to succeed and delight our customers and clients in all our new ventures thanks to our quality of service and delivery,” says Mr. Beary.

The leading real estate group is truly diverse in its services. With an extensive network of specialists and their technical know-how, it is equipped to meet the complex needs of high-profile clients, including corporates, government agencies, MNCs, and individuals in India and abroad.

bearys project

“So far Bearys Group has designed and delivered 4000+ homes and apartments and over 5 million sq. ft. of commercial space including Corporate Offices, IT Parks, R&D Centres, Lab Facilities, Data Centres, Educational Campuses and over a million sq. ft. of mall space,” says Mr. Beary.

Numerous structures and buildings erected by Bearys Group are undoubtedly environment-friendly, intricate in detail, and high in quality. Moreover, they are also known for beautiful aesthetics catching everybody’s fancy.

Here are some of the engineering marvels that remarkably bring to the fore the expertise, experience, and leadership of Bearys Group, in developing architecturally significant, resource-efficient, and sustainable green buildings in the large-scale project categories.

Beary Education

Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT)

Bearys Global Research Triangle (BGRT) is the most seminal work of the Bearys Group. A world-class, high-technology research enclave built on a 21-acre land in the proximity of ITPL, Whitefield, Bengaluru, BGRT is modelled on Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, USA.

The elegantly designed and highly advanced R&D centre is India’s first LEED Platinum Research Park and recipient of numerous other awards, setting benchmarks in green architecture and sustainable development in the country.

It comprises five research towers and offers expansive and flexible spaces for top businesses and IT solutions. It is a place where great minds meet, collaborate, and develop breakthrough products and services.

Mr. Beary says, “Instead of a regular building, we thought of making a building geared towards R&D and lab requirements with fewer columns and more open space as well as greenery-filled surrounding for a calming effect. The structure and architecture of the building speak for themselves while being completely integrated.”

Bearys Education

NTT (Japan) Data Centre 

With the increase in IT systems complexity, such as the emergence of cloud computing, Data Centres that store and process data for organisations have also evolved in design and security.

Over the years, Bearys Group has established itself as one of the leading Data Centre providers in the country as it understands the paramount need of the companies to keep their data supply seamless and safe with expert hardware handling in a highly secure place.

Built on a 1.4 million sq. ft. area and adjacent to the BGRT in Bengaluru, the NTT (Japan) Data Centre (previously NetMagic Data Centre) is an example of Bearys Group’s competency in building critical infrastructures with impregnable security.

Alongside the constant surveillance and multiple-layer security checks, the robust building has double-drop flat slab system construction. It is also protected with tall boundary walls with barbed wire for external security.

Following stringent quality, a lot of value engineering, and timely delivery, Bearys Group completed this first data centre in record time to the client’s delight.

Mr. Beary says, “Instead of short-term benefit, I prefer long-term partnership in all my business endeavours.” This faith-based relationship has led to many more data centre projects for the Bearys Group, including a Second Data Centre in Bengaluru and an NTT Data Centre, each in Navi Mumbai and Chennai.

In addition, the lasting partnership with NTT has also resulted in the development of a high-security Cable Landing Point (CLP) where a submarine or other underwater cable makes landfall in Chennai.

Bearys City Centre, Shivmogga

One of the most happening places in Shivmogga, Karnataka, the Bearys City Centre has a lot to offer the public. The mall is massive and futuristically designed, having well-carved-out spaces for shopping, cinemas, dining, and much more.

Developed on the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) model with Shivmogaa City Municipal Corporation, the shopping mall is the proud recipient of the Best Shopping Mall award from CREDAI.

Mr. Bearys says that the mall has the advantage of drawing large footfall for its central location in the city and its expansiveness (5,50,000 sq. ft) for accommodating everything for a world-class shopping mall.

Bearys Lakeside Habitat, Bengaluru

The Bearys Lakeside Habitat, often called “Twin-Towers”, constructed by Bearys Group, is an ideal residential destination for people seeking a chic urban lifestyle.

An example of the finest architecture, the Bearys Lakeside Habitat hosts apartments epitome of luxury and elegance. The two towers are connected by a beautiful mid-level bridge, providing the building with fantastic utility.

“In 2007, when the Bearys Lakeside Habitat was inaugurated, it was the tallest building in the south India with 26 storeys,” says Mr. Beary.

The building offers an amazing view of the surrounding greenery and the nearby Hebbal lake and is located enroute to Bengaluru international airport. The project is the winner of the FIABIC Prix of Excellence Award, alongside several other awards.

Bearys Valencia, Mangalore

Bearys Valencia is Mangalore’s first luxury green homes project spread over 120,000 sq. ft. in Kankanady, in an up-scale locality with a great neighbourhood and easy accessibility to city roads.

The single-building project completed in 2009 hosts 36 units equipped with all modern-day amenities and luxury. Valencia which boasts twin awards from CREDAI is built with innovative ‘green’ features in harmony with the environment.

Mr. Bearys says that Bearys Valencia offers villas and apartments in the perfect combination of contemporary architecture and features for content and comfortable living.

Bearys Turning Point, Mangalore

Located at Derlakatte, Mangalore, Bearys Turning Point is a major residential project, covering a 700,000 sq. ft area enveloped by green surroundings and having access to all major city zones.

Bearys Turning Point has integrated the development design concept with residential apartments, studio units, a shopping mall, food courts, entertainment zones etc.

Moreover, it is nearby Mangalore University, Infosys Campus, and a few medical colleges, further adding to the convenience of the property.

Moreover, it is nearby Mangalore University, Infosys Campus, and a few medical colleges, further adding to the convenience of the property.

Mr. Beary says that Bearys Turning Point is the first-of-its-kind lifestyle project, combining a modern multilevel neighbourhood with vibrant, integrated development built in a climate-sensitive sustainable architecture. He adds, “It houses South India’s first student accommodation and is the recipient of twin awards from CREDAI.”

Bearys Harmony Homes, Bengaluru

Because of both inner and outer aesthetics, this residential project conspicuously stands out in Hennur, HRBR layout, a central residential area in Bengaluru. The project is divided into two blocks with a total of 100 homes with 40 different designs. A bridge connects the two blocks, a design element also carried forward to the Bearys Lakeside Habitat.

The flats in society are meticulously designed to suit changing trends and lifestyles. At the same time, its green architecture as a whole speaks for itself for its complete harmony with the environment. Like any other building of Bearys Group, Harmony Homes also has several awards to its credit, including the prestigious IIA 2005.

The projects mentioned above are only a few in the vast repertoire of Bearys Group. There are lot more other notable projects such as The Acacia Lake View, an upscale limited edition designer condos society beside the Ulsoor lake, Bengaluru; Bearys Green Avenue, amid lush green surroundings in Mr. Beary’s hometown Kundapur, Udipi; and Bearys Cul-de-Sac, another luxurious residential project, in the central Bengaluru which proudly hold the flag of Bearys Group’s fame, prominence, trustworthiness.

Many of the Bearys Group residential projects have also come up in the cities like Mumbai and Chennai as part of the group’s pan India initiative. Furthermore, upcoming top projects like the development of Campuses, R&D Labs, Corporate Offices, IT Parks, etc., will take Bearys Group’s reputation to a different new level under Mr. Beary’s stewardship.

Bearys Education: Taking Forward the Legacy

Wealth brings responsibilities towards society. Successful people turn towards different social endeavours when they are well-established and have disposable income. However, this was different with Mr. Beary. Even when he struggled to make ends meet in Bengaluru at the beginning of his career, he took the cudgel to provide affordable and quality education, especially to the children from the poor sections.

Mr. Beary says that it all started with a phone call he received from his brother in 1981, who informed him that the school where his father used to teach had received a notice for closure on the grounds of an abysmal number of students (four, to be exact).

Mr. Beary, at that time, had only Rs. 32,000 in total as bank balance or cash in hand. He rushed back to the village to save the school and his forefathers’ legacy. The school was built in 1906 on the land bequeathed by his great-grandfather, Kote Sufi Saheb. It was later taken care of by his father Haji K MohidinBeary.

The first task before Mr. Beary was to increase the enrolment of students and the strength of teachers, which had dwindled to only two by then. Moreover, the aging dilapidated school building was crying for repair.

While the last two things were in his hand, the first task to draw in students was a tough challenge. Mr. Beary realised that without winning back people’s confidence, this would not be possible. So, he and his brother Haji Master Mahmood started knocking on doors in the village to convince parents to send their children to school.

His efforts bore fruits, and the strength of the schools began to rise. He even motivated students and teachers to work hard. As a result, the results of the school started improving year by year.

After stabilising the school, Mr. Beary felt the need to do more in the education sector, which was in a sorry state of affairs in Kudi. The children of well-to-do families had access to education somehow, but the children from the marginalised sections were largely remaining out of school.

Mr. Beary thought if the number of institutions increases, it will lead to more students getting into the ambit of formal education. So, he decided to establish Haji K MohidinBeary Educational Trust, which opened the gates to establishing more educational institutions.

Starting from the one old school, today Mr. Beary takes pride in a total of 22 educational institutions spread in Kodi, Mangalore, and Bengaluru, providing world-class education starting from primary to college levels. About 5,000+ students are studying, and 20,000+ alumni are spread nationally and internationally.

One of the alumni, Ganesh Pujari, the VP of Administration and HR Services at the prestigious Lodha Group, adjudged as one of the top 100 great people managers of India in 2020, hails from Kodi, Kundapur. He says that if not for Mr. Beary he wouldn’t have achieved anything in life.

Ganesh Pujari was a primary dropout, but Mr. Beary convinced his parents to send him back to school. He says he was from the first batch of students from Haji K MoidinBeary High School to pass out.

Ganesh Pujari goes on, recalling, “Mr. Beary was the bedrock of the school. He used to visit our school every month and find out our difficulties and instruct the teachers to sort them out. Truly, his encouragement and guidance prepared us for life besides exams.”

The story Ganesh Pujari shared is one of the many examples demonstrating Mr. Beary’s passion and commitment to the cause of education. Thanks to the latter’s leadership, Bearys Group of Institutions has grown by leaps and bounds, establishing several educational institutions, including schools, colleges, polytechnic etc. Below are mentioned some of the premium educational institutions run by Bearys Group.

Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT)

The Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) is situated 5 km from the Mangalore University campus at Konle amidst abundant flora and fauna. The college also falls near the bank of the Netravathi River, adding to its scenic beauty.

It came into existence in 2009 as part of the ambition of Mr. Beary to provide higher technical education to youth. “We already had several schools, a pre-university college and a first-grade college. So, there was a need to complement that with a degree-level college for higher studies. We felt it prudent to start with a technical college for the employability potential of technical courses,” says Mr. Beary.

In terms of courses, the BIT has four-year Bachelor of Engineering (BE) degree programmes covering Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering etc. On the other hand, the two-year post-graduate programmes include Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering (Machine Design). Interestingly, the college also runs PhD research programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and Mathematics.

If that is not all, there are add-on new generational courses like Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Data Analytics, etc. The institute is approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and is affiliated with Visesvaraya Technical University.

The college has competent and experienced faculty, top-notch facilities, and modern labs. As a result, the students benefit from quality learning. Moreover, the college has an excellent placement cell that leaves no stone unturned to secure a placement for students, which is improving every year.

Bearys Envo-Architecture Design School (BEADS) 

The Bearys Envo-Architecture Design School (BEADS) is another flagship institution from Bearys Group that contributes substantially to the field of architecture and design by churning out brilliant architectures.

Mr. Beary says, “The school was established in 2015, sensing the industry’s pressing need for good architectures who also could support our different endeavours.”

The curriculum at BEADS has a pragmatic approach emphasizing groundwork, site, and workspace visits combined with solid theoretical knowledge. It is designed to prepare students to handle on-site practical challenges and make them proficient with emerging architectural trends and techniques.

But the most noteworthy thing about BEADS is nurturing a strong bond between students and nature. The school creates passionate students about Green Architecture and Sustainable Development & Design. Not to mention environmental consciousness is embedded in the school’s name.

BEADS is located adjacent to BIT in the same plot of land in the lap of the same scenic greenery and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for focused learning.

The modern fully-equipped school in terms of studio learning, computer-aided design facilities, high-quality working spaces, and workshops is aided by a highly experienced faculty abreast with contemporary design approaches.

BEADS is approved by the Council of Architecture (COA) and affiliated with Visvesvaraya Technological University.

Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) Polytechnic

Bearys Institute of Technology (BIT) Polytechnic was introduced in 2013 to meet the diverse needs of students from various backgrounds. “Those students who are not financially strong and need to earn early in life are covered through our Polytechnic Diploma courses,” says Mr. Beary.

The special three-year diploma programme at BIT is one of the best in the industry as it is geared towards the comprehensive enhancement of students’ abilities in theory and practical.

Mr. Beary informs that after completing the course, fully-equipped students can explore their opportunities in the job market or opt for further upgradation to the BE programme through lateral entry.

Bearys Pre-University College

To enrich the knowledge and competence of students before they enter higher education, Mr. Beary founded Bearys Pre-University College in 2001 at Kudi, Kundapur.

The college provides two-year courses to students in Arts, Commerce, and Science streams with the help of highly expert faculty in an intellectual environment equipped with all facilities and equipment.

Mr. Beary says, “The college aims to promote academic excellence and create socially sensitive students committed to the cause of the marginalised and less fortunate ones in society.”

Bearys First Grade Collge

Established in 2005 at Kodi, Kundapura, the Bearys First Grade College is another shining addition to the Bearys Group of Institutions offering undergraduate degree education in Arts, Commerce, and Management.

The education provided here is aimed at the overall development of the students so they can flourish in their career paths. The students hugely benefit from various programmes such as personality development, arts & cultural initiatives, community work, and environmental awareness.

Bearys College of Education

As much as society needs a good education, it also needs competent teachers.  Mr. Beary knows it and hence has established Bearys College of Education to create the best teachers and in good numbers.

The Bearys College of Education provides qualitative professional courses, offering a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (B.Ed) and Diploma Education (D. El. Ed) to make aspiring teachers into world-class teaching experts equipped with innovative teaching and learning techniques.

Mr. Beary says, “One can know the quality of education of our college from the fact that since inception, it has achieved three consecutive ranks from Mangalore University.”

Bearys Seaside Public School

Amidst scenic beauty and serene seaside view, the Bearys Seaside Public School, built in 1995-96, is offering quality education to the rural areas of Kodi, Kundapura.

From L.K.G to standard X, the CBSE-affiliated school has over 500 students who get all-inclusive value-based education and ample exposure to extracurricular activities such as arts, drawing, music, karate, yoga, and creative arts.

The school boasts of an excellent academic record over the years and is equipped with myriad facilities, including a vast playground with various sports activities, a well-stocked library, a modern laboratory, and a central computing center.

Bearys Public School

Another school that has been doing exceedingly well in providing education from nursery to class X is the Bearys Public School, built in 2000 in Mangalore.

In pursuit of the holistic growth of students, the school uses the best curriculum program that also emphasizes the growth of students’ non-academic faculties through several outdoor and indoor activities.

Taught by the best of the faculty, the students at Bearys Public School have access to the best facilities to flourish in their education and remain a step ahead in the competition.

His Grace Montessori- House of Children

Away from the beaten track, His Grace Montessori- House of Children in Udupi, which started in 2015, is a unique way to teach students in their formative years.

It is designed to educate students through self-driven activities, hands-on learning, and collaborative play, ideal for unlocking their full potential to develop them into fine adult human beings.

With a particular focus on making them aware of values and relationships, the highly skilled staff do their utmost to enhance children’s innate abilities. In doing so, they employ various scientific techniques and engage in child-specific activities through child-centered learning methodologies.

Mr. Beary says, “The motto behind this form of education is to give wings to children’s dreams for the future in keeping with their interest and liking.”

Other Educational Institutions

Besides the above-mentioned notable institutions, Mr. Beary also runs various other schools dedicated to the educational upliftment of the poor in Kodi, Kudapura, including the Government Lower Primary School and Government Higher Primary School, affiliated with the state government board.

Also, there is a computer training center at Kodi to help train youth in computer education, a modern-day necessity to keep pace with the world.

At the same time, Mr. Beary has a special arrangement for his workers who can leave their babies and toddlers under the supervision of trained staff at the creche facility in Mangalore.

An institute for training health professionals is also planned to come up in Bengaluru. Named the Bearys Institute of Health Sciences, it will likely be operational soon, providing various courses in Pharmacy, Nursing, and Physiotherapy.

Bearys Shiksha and Suraksha Fund (BSSF)

Mr. Beary is quite considerate towards his employees. Bearys Shiksha Suraksha Fund (BSSF) is a commendable initiative from him to help his employees fund the educational expenses of their children.

Mr. Beary says, “Our employees are common people; so it is our duty to see that their children don’t lag behind in life in want of good education.”

Under the BSSF scheme, employees are encouraged to contribute voluntarily to the BSSF account from their salaries. Then a matching contribution equal to the staff contribution is added to the account by the management. The total amount then is utilised towards meeting the educational expenses of their children. Thousands of Bearys Group employees have hugely benefited from this scheme so far in furthering the educational dreams of their children.

A Man with Liberal Religious Outlook

Mr. Beary is a smart-looking man with a moderate size beard on his face that doesn’t give him a categoric religious identity. But he is rooted in religious values and remains a passionate advocate of peace and brotherhood.

A man of the 21st century Mr. Beary is guided by a scientific temper, rational outlook, and modern thoughts, all in harmony with his religious belief system.

According to him, religion and science are not at variance with each other, but they are complementary for the peace and prosperity of humankind.  He says, “Instead of making me orthodox or narrow-minded, my religion has played its part in broadening my mind and liberating my soul.”

However, Mr. Beary feels the pain when he sees people mindlessly fighting and casting aspersions in the name of religion. He cites the example of his religion, Islam, which is painted in a bad light following a deliberate and concerted campaign against it. However, he advocates Sabar and forgiveness so that the tussle is not escalated further.

He says it is a tough time, but Muslims should not become reactive and instead answer their critics intellectually, depicting the true nature of Islam. More than becoming a practising Muslim only in terms of Namaz, Roza, and Zakat, Muslims should also care to become a practising Muslim in terms of Khulush and Ikhlaq, which our religion mandatorily teaches.

In addition, we must learn to keep pace with the worldly system and not be stubborn to embrace change. We must present Islam in the best of light through our deeds so that the negative perception of our religion is dispelled.

Mr. Beary’s desire to showcase Islam in the right and contemporary way, having all its core values intact, can be seen in a few of his works that have a connection with Islam. Whether it is the green mosque at Kodi, the Arabic school in Mangalore, or the Calligraphy school in Bengaluru, they all reflect the modern and progressive outlook of Mr. Beary.

BadariyaJuma Masjid in Kodi

Mr. Beary’s forefathers were pious Muslims who built mosques for the common public to offer Namaz. His great-grandfather built the first mosque in Kundapur close to 100 years ago. The mosque was built from the money the old man had saved to go for Haj, who, unfortunately, couldn’t make it because he failed to obtain medical clearance from the government because of poor health.

The second mosque at Kundapur was built by Mr. Beary’s late father with the help of the villagers about 55 years back. Mr. Beary says going to that mosque and spending time in the elders’ companionship has profoundly affected him. He says that whatever little he has learned about piety, cleanliness, human values, and universal brotherhood came from that mosque.

But the mosque was small, and with the population growing, it became uncomfortable for Namazis as a lot of heat would get entrapped inside. Mr. Beary brought into play his expertise as India’s leading green building developer. He transformed it into the world’s first green mosque.

The material and the design of the mosque is geared towards minimum heat generation. The outer walls have a net pattern design with maximum outlets to let in sufficient wind and light but minimum heat.

Moreover, the use of Chinese mosaic, frost fans, and wind scoop keeps the mosque cool and well-ventilated. As a result, Namazis inside the mosque experience an airy, roomy, and bright ambience to focus on their prayers comfortably.

The green mosque utilizes solar and wind energy for power and electricity. At the same time, it is ensured that there is no wastage of water or any harm done to the environment. Heartening to note a few odd coconut trees have not been chopped down during construction but incorporated inside the mosque structure.

The extensive detailing in making the mosque green and sustainable is one part of it; the other part is its modern aesthetics. The mosque sports an alluring contemporary look that doesn’t reflect a strict Islamic design in terms of domes and minarets yet keeps the traditional essence of a mosque intact.

According to Mr. Beary, they haven’t consciously used green colour identified with Islam in or outside the mosque. Instead, there is white paint all around, and even the exquisite calligraphy has a white hue, providing a differentiating look. At the same time, the mosque uses local laterite stone at the front to give it a traditional touch.

Mr. Beary says, “Our efforts were to make the mosque identifiable with the modern face of Islam as well as sustainability. I am happy that we achieved our objective. Besides, the mosque is a fantastic specimen of green architecture.”

Iqra Arabic School

Iqra Arabic School was an outcome of intense deliberation on imparting religious teachings without neglecting worldly education. With this noble aim, the Iqra Arabic school was established in 1998 in Mangalore, where hundreds of students are receiving education in the Arabic medium; however, at the same time, these students are getting fully conversant in English and can surprise anybody with their knowledge vis-a-vis any regular English medium school going student.

Mr. Beary says, “The idea behind the school was it should be different from the traditional Madrasa to provide Islamic teachings alongside modern education that includes science, mathematics, languages, etc.” 

The Iqra Arabic School has proved to be a model school for Muslim children, providing strong moral and ethical teachings and following a high-standard academic curriculum. The students have the best of both worlds in this bilingual English-Arabic setup.

Besides theological courses like Alim and Hifzul Quran, students have the advantage of a wide range of extracurricular activities, well-equipped computer labs, digital classrooms, technical knowledge, and learning public speaking skills.

Institute of Indo-Islamic Art and Culture (IIIAC)

Apart from his fervent desire that the world sees Islam in the positive way it deserves, Mr. Beary also has a keen interest in Islamic calligraphy, an age-old, aesthetically pleasing art of writing Arabic and Urdu scripts. He genuinely wants to revive this art from neglect and indifference.

He believes writing verses of the Quran and Hadiths (sayings of the prophet Mohammed) in calligraphical forms is Sawab-e-Jariya (continuous source of reward).

So, when Mukhtar Ahmed, an internationally renowned calligrapher, approached Mr. Beary, the latter didn’t waste any time and agreed to found the Institute of Indo-Islamic Art and Culture (IIIAC) in Bengaluru.

With Mukhtar Ahmed at the helm, since 2010, the institute has been training thousands of students and professionals from varied backgrounds and age groups in Arabic calligraphy.

“You don’t have to be a Muslim to learn the art of calligraphy. A good number of students are from abroad such as Japan and they aren’t Muslim,” says Mr. Beary.

The fact that even international students are part of the institute speaks volumes about its growing international recognition for the high standards set by it in Islamic calligraphy.

Mukhtar Ahmed says, “Mr. Beary is a true aficionado of Islamic calligraphy and the guiding force behind IIIAC. If not for him, our efforts to rejuvenate the dying art form would not have seen the light.”

bearys project

Bearys Amanah Investments Private Ltd

Bearys Group, from the beginning, has stuck to Shariah principles on finance that prohibit interest-based earnings. Internal accruals, pre-selling, private equity, and foreign institutional funding are how the group finances all its activities to avoid interest-based debts in a heavily capital-intensive industry.

Mr. Beary felt the need to set up an investment management company Bearys Amanah, governed by the Sharia laws on finance in 2007. The company has floated Bearys India Realty Sharia Fund, the country’s first Shariah-compliant foreign investment in real estate.

Mr. Beary says, “Everything has become interest-driven nowadays. But still, we can avoid it, grow in our own ways, and inspire others. Bearys Amanah sets a bright example in that direction.”

Bearys Project

Thrust on Individual Social Responsibility (ISR)

Mr. Beary is a proponent and a practitioner of Individual Social Responsibility (ISR) vis-a-vis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with a firm belief that the former is a more effective way to effect a change in society. Individual values and consciousness drive ISR, whereas CSR depends on corporate growth.

“Since its inception, Bearys Group has tied itself to the cause of the betterment of education and the environment. It will continue to do so regardless of the growth and profit of our businesses,” says Mr. Beary.

Helping others has been ingrained in his value system since childhood. He reminisces that whenever any beggar approached his father, the latter never gave it to them directly. He would take out some money from his pocket and hand it to us to give to the beggar. He says, “That was my father’s way of making us aware of the importance of charity from the beginning.”

He further says that to be able to do ISR, one doesn’t need to be rich. One can contribute even a tiny portion of their earnings to social causes, and if more and more people do that, we will end up impacting and enriching society in big way.

Message to Youth

Youth are beckon of society. They should take the right path because the future of families, communities, and the country depend on them. Mr. Beary wants them to be ambitious and hardworking to achieve success but not get avaricious to go after money at the expense of moral values.

“Hard work never goes unrewarded. With patience, financial fortune follows. The key is to wait and keep growing one’s business. Youth must safeguard themselves from corrupt practices to make quick money,” says Mr. Beary.

Mr. Beary suggests it is essential to have a long-term plan to evolve one’s endeavours.He himself, with patience, invested a lot of time, the right strategies, and hard work in his ventures before reaping benefits.

He raises a pertinent question about the new start-up culture where youths need to take the right approach. “Most of them start a start-up with the hope that an investor will take it over after some time, and they will earn a windfall,” Mr. Beary says, “They should rather work hard and cultivate goodwill in the market so that they create their own brand and benefit from it in the longer run.”

He also says that it is important to earn money and create wealth because it empowers someone to give back to society. But wealth should be earned in the right way differentiating between Halaal (lawful) and Haram (prohibited).

Mr. Beary warns youth against getting lured by the name and fame that come with being rich. They should rather see the painstaking hard work gone behind it. At the same time, he advises youth to live for noble causes and build a pious character.

An Effective Communicator and Motivator 

Skills and knowledge have some value only when they are shared with others. If they remain confined to a single person, they don’t serve any purpose for society. Therefore, Mr. Beary is all for disseminating skills, experience, knowledge, and values he has gained to others to benefit.

He can be seen on the dais giving speeches at many events, seminars, and symposiums. He is not a fiery or flowery orator but a pretty articulate and compelling speaker who can enamour the audience with his on-point, sensible, and honest way of speaking.

Communicating with the audience has never been a problem for him because he is a polyglot who can effortlessly speak English, Hindi, Urdu, Kannada, Beary, and a few other languages depending upon the audience he faces.

Besides being an impactful speaker, Mr. Beary is a motivator par excellence. Whether it is his workers, colleagues, students or people from different walks of life, he can motivate them to cultivate dedication and put in hard work to excel.


A man from a village background, lacking formal education, having no means and resources, and yet climbing the ladders of success is a story to be inspired for the new generation. After all, it takes a lot of calibre for a man starting as a humble real estate agent to create an internationally-reputed property development and management company with real estate solutions spanning the entire gamut and expand successfully into several other business fields.

In addition, the most heartening thing about Mr. Beary’s story is his bona fide commitment towards the cause of education and environment conservation, which differentiates him from most others as a responsible business and social leader.

Moreover, he is a pious Muslim and a staunch secularist with perennial hope of peace and harmony among different communities. On the question of the love of his life, he proudly says he greatly loves his country and religion. There is no question of which comes first or second. He loves both simultaneously and equally.

Maeeshat firmly believes that instead of dogmatic religious leaders holding sway in the Muslim community, pragmatic and hardworking leaders like Mr. Beary, who recognises the challenges and aspirations of the new generation, should come forward to lead for the benefit of our society and nation at large.

We thank Mr. Beary for the commendable and inspiring work he has been doing for society and the environment and wish him success in all his future endeavours. May the Almighty reward him in this life and the hereafter.

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