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EditorJanuary 1, 2022

By Abdul Bari Masoud New Delhi: The  Christian minority in India has witnessed over 486 acts of violence and hatred, making 2021 the “Most Violent Year” in the country’s history. According to the United Christian Forum, the consistent year-on-year growth in violence against the Christian community, which represents more than 2.3 percent of the national […]

adminMay 25, 2021

San Francisco : Apple has reportedly confirmed it is firing 190 employees from its ambitious self-driving car project called Titan. According to a report in San Francisco Chronicle late Wednesday, the Cupertino-based company has laid off mostly engineers, including 38 engineering programme managers, 33 hardware engineers, 31 product design engineers and 22 software engineers. The […]

adminMay 25, 2021

London : As the European Parliament election inch closer, the European Commission has claimed Facebook is withholding key data on its efforts towards how the platform is rooting out the spread of poll-related disinformation. According to a report in The Guardian on Thursday, the European Commission has complained that Facebook has set up fact checkers […]

adminMay 25, 2021

New Delhi : A day after the Supreme Court dismissed petitions seeking a probe into the Rafale deal, the political dogfight over the issue intensified with the Congress accusing the Narendra Modi government of “misleading” the apex court that resulted in “factual bloomers” in the judgment. The opposition party demanded that the Attorney General and […]

adminMay 25, 2021

Washington : Despite assuring users to “remain confident that Google will keep privacy and security paramount”, the search giant is still reportedly allowing third-party app developers scan through Gmail accounts, the Wall Street Journal has claimed. Google “continues to let hundreds of outside software developers scan the inboxes of millions of Gmail users who signed […]

adminMay 25, 2021

Washington : In yet another bad day for Facebook, a Wall Street Journal report has claimed that the social networking giant provided select companies “customised data-sharing deals” that let them gain “special access to user records”. According to the report citing court documents and unnamed sources, Facebook gave data access to some companies while “others […]

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