workshop on how to introduce your brand in two minutes?

workshop on how to introduce your brand in two minutes?

Kolkata: A one day workshop on “How to introduce your brand in two- minutes” was organized by Career Designer 360 (CD360) in association with Maeeshat Media, Tameer Educational and Welfare Trust, and Indian Institute of Research at the premises of Career Designer 360 on 6th November 2021.

The aim of the workshop was to familiarize participants with the emerging ideas and trends on how to introduce their business to the crowd. The programme also aimed to teach participants to present their business using different aids and visualization techniques. The workshop enrich the participant’s language skills (writing and presentation skills) for effective planning, time management for discussing their business to a large crowd in stipulated time. Further members learn to evaluate oneself (self-appraisal and introspection) for further growth, personally and professionally.

The workshop was facilitated by Md. Huzaifa Arshad, Founder of Career Designer 360 along with Sania Sami, cofounder of Indian Institute of Research. The participants were 15 women entrepreneurs who participating 10th All India Minorities Business Summit from different niches of business. Huzaifa Arshad explained to women the importance of having structure business plans and ideas to propagate their business. Further, he explained to them the importance of having the right amount of confidence to present their business. He further discussed with them the crucial elements that are essential to include at the time of their presentation.

Sania Sami briefly explained to them to maintain harmony between their communication and presentation. She put forward that the presentation must be affirmed to their business and not a distraction for the audience.

Overall, the workshop provides a holistic approach to generating confidence between women in presenting their business.


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  1. Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop
    It helped me to understand the important factors of producing the brand and building confidence for public speaking.

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