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Woman beats joblessness with catering business

Nada Muhammad preparing food at her home. — Courtesy photo
Nada Muhammad preparing food at her home.

ABHA – A Saudi young woman has set an example of perseverance and persistence when she decided to take things in her own hands and start her small business from home instead of complaining about being unemployed, Makkah Daily reported.

Nada Muhammad is in her 20s but is the breadwinner for her big family and feels proud of her achievements.

In order to improve her family’s living conditions, she started preparing food, especially traditional dishes, and sold it to clients.

Muhammad said: “I make the food myself and I make good money, enough to get us by in this life.

“I usually sell my food at the traditional market. I have both male and female customers who enjoy eating my dishes.”

She said she dreams of starting a big business and renting a place so she can open a restaurant one day.

She wants her restaurant to be different from other ones in the city in terms of decor, flavor of dishes and the choices on the menu.

“I’ll hire Saudi women and teach them how to make the dishes in order to help me.”

She has been encouraged to pursue this idea because, she said, all people who tasted her food gave her positive feedback.

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