We may serve as an example to Muslims across the globe: Shahnas Binti Oli Mohamad


Natural Wellness is the precious child of two partners: Dr Amr Yacout and Ms Shahnas Oli Mohamed. As the Chairman of Natural Wellness and a gastroenterologist by professional training, Dr. Amr Yacout brings with him a wealth of more than 20 years international experience in the pharmaceutical industry. A seasoned businessman with extensive knowledge in the global healthcare market, Dr Amr Yacout takes on the role of advisor and mastermind behind Natural Wellness.

The Natural Wellness operations is spearheaded by Shahnas binti Oli Mohamed, a Bumiputera woman entrepreneur and a licensed pharmacist by profession, who was named the Asia Pacific Most Promising Entrepreneur 2010. She oversees the daily operations of the company in her capacity as Managing Director. Shahnas is a trained pharmacist with more than 10 years experience including international stints and has been instrumental in the setting up of the company.

Natural Wellness

Natural Wellness Holdings Sdn Bhd, also known as Nutrivention Sdn Bhd, is the mother company to the Natural Wellness group of companies that are involved in the healthcare business. Natural Wellness Industries has a wide range of Halal certified products including cosmetics, supplements, health food and beverages and also over the counter products. Natural Wellness Biotech, the research arm of the group, is actively involved in identifying and developing new medicines to improve health through scientific innovations on the principles of pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics. This is in parallel with the Natural Wellness mission to provide high quality, innovative, uptodate healthcare products at an affordable price to the communities they operate in.

Formed and managed on the way of life based on the principles of compliance to the syariah, Natural Wellness strives to develop innovative products while infusing into the entire process and across the value chain syariah compliance thus embarking on a continuous life long journey of devotion. Natural Wellness’ unshakeable belief is that continuous efforts to seek the pleasure of Allah SWT will spur the achievement of unity of purpose both of dunya with a’khira as well as personal and organisational values. The practice of Islamic principles are clearly seen in the company’s values which include product leadership, operational excellence and customer intimacy. It is this aspect of using existing knowledge derived from the Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah that has led to the implementation of unconventional and innovative management principles at all levels of the organisation in comparison to the norms of today’s business practices.

One of the proudest moments for Natural Wellness was when the company was awarded the SME Innovation Award for Halal Products and Services in June 2010 thus placing Natural Wellness as a formidable player and a leader in the Halal industry. This award recognizes the efforts made by Natural Wellness to remain syariah compliant throughout the business process without merely being limited to their products being Halal certified.

Natural Wellness believes their people are the force and strength behind the power they exuberate. Efforts are concentrated on developing young talent into highly skilled knowledge workers in parallel to the requirements of Islamic Leadership Principles as the Natural Wellness corporate social contribution towards building a strong ummah while serving the needs of 1.6 billion Moslems across the world. Natural Wellness is but a small company with a big dream: “perhaps we may serve as an example to Muslims across the globe that it is possible to go back to basics in business and succeed in today’s world. Insha Allah.” Said Shahnas Binti Oli Mohamad

The Products:

Natural Wellness formulates, produces and manufactures a comprehensive range of syariah compliant natural products including health supplements, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, herbaceuticals, health food and beverages made from the finest organic, ethically crafted and best quality standardized natural extracts in their quest to make people healthy naturally. Natural Wellness also offers customers private formulation services from laboratory conception to commercial production, and boasts a customer list which includes large global multi level marketing corporations and international brands.

The Natural Wellness vision is to be an innovative, diversified syariah compliant player in niche market segments of the healthcare industry offering the community high quality, affordable products while fulfilling the communal fardhu kifayah obligation. This endeavour has further spurred Natural Wellness to actively develop and pursue the niche market of Islamic Medicine by focusing their own research efforts as well as collaborations with local and foreign institutions of higher learning in the area of Medicine of the Prophet (pbuh).

Company Achievements

MS 1900:2005 Quality Management Systems: Requirements from Islamic Perspectives (the first company in Malaysia to attain such certification in 2


Halal certification by JAKIM in accordance to the requirements of the MS 1500:2004 Halal Food – Production, Preparation, Handling and Storage – General Guidelines

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP PIC/s) certification (OTC Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility)

Bionexus status

1-Innocert (Grade A) certification

Products are approved by the Ministry of Health Malaysia in accordance to the requirements of the Sale of Drugs Acts 1952 and the Control of Drugs and Cosmetics Regulation 1984

Registered Bumiputera company in various codes with the Ministry of Finance Malaysia

International Markets:

Natural Wellness currently exports their products to the UAE, China, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Moving Forward:

Natural Wellness is currently a formulator, a manufacturer that thrives on a B2B business model. More and more the company strives to diversify and expand its customer portfolio.

Natural Wellness has also embarked into product marketing and the global export business by having their own product line both for local and export, with an aggressive branding exercise to strengthen the Natural Wellness name to their consumers.

In the long term Natural Wellness aims to have its own high technology manufacturing facility of biotechnology and life sciences and hopes one day to be the Malaysian pioneer in the development of new chemical entities.


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