UTI appoints Imtaiyazur Rahman as full-time CEO

Imtaiyazur Rahman
Imtaiyazur Rahman

Group President and Chief Finance Officer Rahman was appointed as acting Chief Executive Officer in August 2018 after Puri’s term ended

UTI AMC board on Saturday appointed Imtaiyazur Rahman as the Chief Executive Officer. He has been the acting CEO of the company for nearly two years.

The post was vacant since Leo Puri completed his five-year term as CEO of UTI AMC. Group President and Chief Finance Officer Rahman was appointed as acting Chief Executive Officer after Puri’s term ended in August 2018.

Rahman joined the UTI Group in 1998 and is with UTI since 2003.  Working with earlier Chairmen M Damodaran and UK Sinha, he was involved in the transformation of the organisation after the restructuring of the erstwhile Unit Trust of India.

He was CFO of the company and has headed diverse functions, including international business.

“This appointment brings stability in the top management of the company especially since it is planning to launch its IPO shortly and addresses the concerns of SEBI on the CEO position which was vacant for quite some time,” UTI AMC said in a press release dated June 13.

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