Mumbai launches Mobile App to track the availability of Hospital ICU Beds and Ventilators

Mumbai launches Mobile App to track the availability of Hospital ICU Beds and Ventilators
Mumbai launches Mobile App to track the availability of Hospital ICU Beds and Ventilators

Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) has launched a mobile application “Air-Venti” to help residents in the city about the availability of the hospital ICU beds and Ventilators in the government and private hospitals around them.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the acute shortage of ventilators/BiPAPs for the ‘Respiratory Intensive Care Unit’ for severely ill patients. Valuable time is lost, and the patient’s lives are unnecessarily endangered. Even for patients willing to pay for the costs, a lot of times, relatives are left to fend for themselves running between multiple hospitals. This adds to severe mental trauma to close family and relatives.

The mobile app available to Android users, and shortly for iPhone, aims to provide overall statistics of ICU beds available, information on each government and private hospitals, and for each hospital, the total number of ICU beds and Ventilators, beds and Ventilators occupied and vacant, location map, ability to contact hospital through telephonic call and email.

Octaware Technologies Limited, in partnership with Probity Soft Pvt Ltd , has developed this mobile application and continue to maintain the availability of the data with a mobile backend app developed for the hospitals to update the ICU beds and Ventilators vacant status.

Mumbai is facing another challenge of shortage of Ventilators in ICUs. Currently, the city has approx. 5000 ICU Beds, but the number of ICU beds with Ventilators is just about 600. With COVID-19 impacting the respiratory system of patients, the rate of mortality is increasing due to a shortage of Ventilators in ICU. To address this challenge in a unique way, the “Air-Venti” mobile app aims to provide a platform like ‘Uber for Ventilators’ supplying Ventilators to the private hospitals through crowdsourcing funding from Individuals.

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