This stall sold ‘CONCEPT’ at NCPUL’s Urdu Kitab Mela in Malegaon

“Seerat Box” is a collection of 11 books, 05 different types of work and activity sheets, and necessary objects to make 3-D models

Malegaon: Amid deaths and destruction that the Covid-19 is inflicting on human life, damages that the Pandemic is causing to the education sector is being overlooked. Parents who are concerned however are worried, and one among such worried lot was Abu Mujtaba.

Abu Mujtaba, a young engineer from Muzaffarpur Bihar was in Bengaluru working for a multi-national company. But, like thousands of others in India, Abu Mujtaba too was forced to return home when the nationwide lockdown was imposed in March 2020. Fortunately, he was not without a job and was experimenting “Work from Home” – a new normal of Covid-19. However, one thing that worried Abu Mujtaba the most before anything else was the education of his 3-year-old kid.

What came out of this worry and concern for a 3-year-old kid was a concept and idea Abu Mujtaba named “Seerat Box” and kept on sale at Kul Hind Urdu Kitab Mela organised by the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL) in Malegaon.

“The best thing that parents can gift to their children is time. And “Seerat Box” is something that parents can use to make this gift more interesting and fruitful”, Abu Mujtaba said while talking to

“Seerat Box” is a collection of 11 books, 05 different types of work and activity sheets, and necessary objects to make 3-D models – all designed keeping in mind the intellect level of young kids. The books – in Urdu and English languages, are multi-color, printed on passport-size double thick cardstock paper with images, photographs and art matching the contents.

The theme of the books and topics covered are modern – selected and prepared on the basis of Montessori and Kindergarten syllabi, and are also beautifully embedded with Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Some of the titles include “Earth, Space and Quran”, “Environment and Quran”, “Healthy Foods of Quran”, “Our Beloved Prophet”, “The Book of Two Holy Lands”, “The Book of Rhymes” and “The Book of Kindness”.

Watch: Abu Mujtaba unboxes the Seerat Box



“The Book of Kindness is unique in its style and content. It teaches and train young kids about the importance of kindness and morality. It is becoming popular as it also comes with “Kindness Calendar” and other activity and work sheets”, Abu Mujtaba said.

Abu Mujtaba said he had done a thorough research, referred more than 400 books and contacted artists and authors of international repute while giving the final shape to his Seerat Box.

“We have taken the help from renowned Pakistani writer Amna Khursheed while finalizing the contents, whereas Ahmed Sharfuddin, Indonesian artist famous for Islamic Art, helped us in design, photographs and art”, Abu Mujtaba said.

Luckily for Abu Mujtaba, the “Seerat Box” was received by the visitors of Urdu Kitab Mela with the same zeal and enthusiasm with which it was developed and designed.

“There were so many publishers showcasing a number of books covering varied topics in as many as 164 stalls at Malegaon Urdu Kitab Mela. Others were selling books. But what Abu Mujatab was offering was more than a book. It was an idea”, Dr Salman Baig of Maulana Mukhtar Ahmed Nadvi Technical Campus (MMANTC) said.

“I really loved to have one for my kid”, he added.

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