Not Samsung alone, Microsoft too plans tri-fold smartphone


Microsoft recently revealed a new Surface device that will feature four under-display camera sensors

San Francisco: A day after reports that Samsung is working on tri-fold phones, reports now say US based tech giant Microsoft is also planning to launch a “multi-panel device” which boasts a tri-fold design.

The patent to Microsoft was granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and shows a sketch of a device with two hinges that opens up to reveal one massive screen made up of three distinct sections, reports GSMArena.

Once folded back up the device can serve as a traditional smartphone.

Microsoft recently revealed a new Surface device that will feature four under-display camera sensors, with the company’s logo being displayed when these cameras are not in use.

The four cameras in question will be positioned similar to the logo design with each camera having its colour filter.

These four sensors will be placed under the display of the device and are intended for mobile computing devices, such as a Microsoft Surface device.

Furthermore, the cameras can display a colour icon when the sensor is not in use to display the company’s logo on the front. So, the device will display the logo by default and switch to the camera when the shutter is activated.

“Tri folding Galaxy Smartphone”

On Tuesday, some reports had claimed that Samsung is working on a new tri folding Galaxy smartphone.

According to LetsGoDigital, Samsung has filed an extensive patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) that details its new foldable smartphone.

The handset is expected to feature three separate screens that can unfold out to become one large and seamless display. The device will also feature two hinges, with one folding inward while the other folding outward to form the “Z” shape.

In addition, the smartphone will reportedly arrive with S Pen support, under display camera, an HDMI connector, and more.

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