Stop Meat Export & Animal Slaughter: MCCI


Aligarh :The illegal slaughter of animals is not only declining our milk production and affecting us in other ways but may disturb peace and create law and problem any time in state said Director Jasim Mohammad while chairing a Meat Industry Analysis meeting held by the Muslim Chamber of Commerce & Industry (MCCI) at Media Centre Aligarh today. He pointed out that though earning foreign exchange is very important for country but in the zeal of earning foreign exchange we should not over look our own culture and the resentment brewing among public.

Jasim Mohammad said that India is a multi religious country and the majority community is attached to animals particularly to cows religiously and their religious sentiment are hurting due to unchecked slaughtering. it is also affecting our agricultural activities. It should be closed down.

N Jamal Ansari said that export is very important for economic growth but the way in which state government and district administration is keeping deadly silence over illegal slaughtering is very dangerous.

Sam Infra’s Majid Khan said that on local level meat business may be allowed but the way in which slaughter houses are dumping blood of animals in open drains and are drying animal remains in open space are endangering our environment.

In the end of meeting MCCI passed a resolution demanding that state and central governments should stop unchecked and illegal slaughtering and allow licensed holder meat factories to slaughter only permitted number of animals otherwise public resentment may create law and order problem at any time.

Apart of large number of businessmen and industrialists notably Dilshad, Anjum, mehmood Ansari, Iqbal Saifi, Dr. Aftab Alam were also present in the meeting.

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