Saudi Arabia: 1.75 lakh Indians will perform Hajj in 2023, the highest number in history

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For the year 2023, Saudi Arabia expanded the Hajj quota for India, allowing a total of 1,75,025 Indians to do the Haj, which is apparently the highest number ever.

This declaration is a result of a bilateral agreement that both nations inked on Monday in Jeddah.

The agreement was signed in the office of the former in Jeddah by Dr. Adelfattah bin Suleiam Mash, the deputy minister for Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia, and Md. Shahid Alam, the consul general of India.


India’s greatest quota was reached in 2019 when 1.4 lakh pilgrims made the sacred journey. The number fell to 1.25 lakh the next year, however, Hajj was postponed that year because of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Saudi Arabia received 79,237 Indian Hajj pilgrims in 2022. The highest quota during the UPA governed by Congress was 1,26,018 in 2010.

Many hopeful Indians were excluded from the draw system across the nation due to quota restrictions, but with the highest-ever quota, more Indian pilgrims can conduct the Hajj this year, reducing the waiting period and increasing draw possibilities.

There was no indication of the price, but this year, expenses are anticipated to increase due to the weakening of the Indian rupee versus the US currency as well as other cost concerns in holy cities.

A computer or smartphone with internet access, a working mobile phone number, and a working email address are all you need to apply for the hajj pilgrimage, according to

Step 1: New Registration for Haj Application

Step 2: Fill the Hajj Application Form

Step 3: Upload Photo and Document

Step 4: Make Payment of Fee

Step 5: Print the Hajj Application Form

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