Reliance Energy launches ELEKTRA bot for better customer service

Reliance Energy, Anil AmbaniMumbai : Reliance Energy announced the launch of ELEKTRA, a digital assistant bot powered by artificial intelligence, to provide automated machine responses to customer complaints, requests and enquiries, an official said here on Friday.

When a customer logs onto Reliance Energy site of Facebook page, ELEKTRA will appear and provide menu-driven chat services.

These include bills payment options via UPI and other online modes, register ‘no supply complaint’ and check restoration status, and information about online services like new connections, change of name, load change, etc.

“Even during peak hours, customers can get immediate responses to their queries from ELEKTRA without any waiting time, over the call centre IVR. This ushers in convenient, quick and hassle-free resolution of consumer complaints and requests of different kinds,” said a Reliance Energy spokesperson.

Since machine responses take over human interactions, parallel processing of large number of consumer data becomes easy and overcomes human limitations, the company explained.

For commercial interactions, the bot service is integrated with back-end systems like CRM and ERP and for technical-no supply complaints, ELEKTRA provides realtime responses with the help of integrated SCADA and GIS systems.

ELEKTRA at present is already serving 500 customers daily with 3,000 interactions and will be soon upgraded to deliver customised conversational chat responses.



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