News Channels started deciding the agenda of the Print Media

Mr Girish Kuber is the editor of Loksatta, Marathi daily newspaper. He shared his views on different media issue with Danish Reyaz

Why the Loksatta is very popular among the Marathi readers?

Yes it is true Loksatta is very popular among the Marathi readers. Our peculiarity is good journalism. Our approach is rational. We do not support or oppose anyone blindly and try to maintain objectivity. We are also providing good contents that include articles from Marathi intellectuals besides hard news. We try to take bold stand for example during Anna’s movement the whole media were following blindly to Anna whereas we condemn his way of agitation.

Mr Girish Kuber, editor Loksatta, Marathi daily newspaper
Mr Girish Kuber, editor Loksatta, Marathi daily newspaper


How do you see regional and national journalism?

Regional journalism has its own place and associated with the people on the ground more than any national media. The future of regional journalism is bright. Take Marathi for instance if we talk about rural Maharashtra they only know and understand Marathi. USA for example has one language but in UK which has people from different culture, regional journalism is playing an important role.

Although the most of the latest generation are getting educated in English but others know only Marathi. So I believe that Marathi media is not going to die very soon.

How can we save ethical journalism in this era of Paid News?

Indian express Gorup and the Hindu group are more concern about the contents. Paid News is damaging journalism but it’s happening in the third world countries especially in India. Press Council should be authorized to stop this.

Editors should also be held guilty of Paid news because if people lose the trust we will lose our credibility along with the business.

What is the impact of growing news channels on the Print Media?

News Channels started deciding the agenda of the Print Media. Newspapers follow the news of News channels which is the waste of time and space.

Print Media should follow its own agenda and have should maintain their own line. In the case of Dussehra rally of Shiv Sena, Loksatta has a different flyer on the front page whereas most of the Marathi newspapers repeated what was already shown in the news channels and placed the news on the front page.

Take Budget for example it’s presented till 12.00 noon if we repeat it on the second day who is going to read. If we are unable to provide something different than the journalism is in danger.

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