Kejriwal roars, Modi dumbstruck

5 saal kejriwal

By Dr. Javed Jamil

Kejriwal is not just back. He is back roaring louder than a lion. Narendra Modi is dumbstruck.  Delhi has announced in no uncertain terms that “Vikas” of Modi is nothing but the development of the corporate, that too of a few corporate friends. Delhi has instead endorsed Kejriwal’s “vikaas” of “aam aadmi”. In the process, Kejriwal has also proved that if Modi had won the Lok Sabha elections, it could become possible only because Anna-Kejriwal team had decimated Congress and the people opted for BJP only because there was no other nationwide option for them.

The Delhi victory is sure to have countrywide repercussions. Within 9 months, BJP is being proved as unworthy of governing the nation. A party, which is interested only in a communal cum corporate agenda, which keeps the majority away from the fruits of “development” is bound to fail in a big democracy which India is. BJP should learn the lesson that by just trying to monopolise resources into few hands through politics of hatred, it can only hope to be an occasional winner in elections; and these victories will only be due to failure of other parties.

Congress should also learn the lesson that by merely opposing BJP on the ground of communalism, it cannot sustain forever its historical role in India. If Congress has to resuscitate itself, it will have to abandon extreme liberalism and hidden communalism, with which a large number of its party leaders and advisors are afflicted with. It will have to revive its contact with the masses which it has totally lost in recent years due to the technocratic style of functioning of the UPA government and its top leadership.

Kejriwal should also learn not to repeat the mistakes it has committed in the past. It will have to give concrete shape to its ideological as well as infrastructural framework. The best thing about him, which no other leader of the country shares, is that he has succeeded in earning the support of all the ethnic and caste groups. He has captured the imagination of not only the impoverished masses but also the educated middle and upper class. This gives him a unique position, and if he chooses his issues well, he can surely usher in a new mass revolution in the country. The only challenge for him will be to keep away from the corporate agenda.

People as well as experts will debate the results for a long time. But what is clear beyond doubt is that Modi wave has ceased to remain a wave. Within a short period, it has not only become standstill but has started moving backwards. The 10-lakh suit of Modi has failed to keep the public view glued to him. From “chaiwala” he has within no time become a “dus-laakh-ke-sootwala”. He should have learned by now that mere speeches and loud talk cannot give you votes in every election.

Hopefully Delhi election results will start a new politics in India, which will be more people-centric and more secular than it has been in last several decades. Hopefully, this will signal an end to divisive politics in the country and the nation will again stand united.

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