JNU Stands united against communalism

Mahmood Asim,

New Delhi: As Delhi Election coming closer every party puts its single iota of energy to achieve the goal. JNU is not an exceptional but considered a kind of different institution that always plays its vital role in national politics. Various left organizations are busy to fight against communal issues including riots. In the series a documentary film “Muzaffar Nagar Baaqi hai” was being screened and aftermath aninteraction with director Nukul Shwhney was also organized by Democratic Students Federation (DSF) here in Koyna Hostel of JNU late in the night on 3rd February.

The film deals with issue of communalism in Muzaffarnagar but reminds Delhi voters that how agenda of communal forces work and ultimately who have to connects various socio-political and economical process of the affected society in the region.The documentary also touches upon the aspect of farmers union how they lose their fight for their rights and issue of sugarcane for being divided. The film also deals with caste identity politics and the question of women honour that became the biggest rallying point to instigate and polarize the masses and includes many women activist’s opinions in this regard.

During the interaction Director of the movie also brought many important points and issues to the audience. He also explains that how BJP and SP have their role in communal riots in Muzaffarnagar. But at the same time he dealt with complete diversion BSP from its origin.

It is to mention that other programme on the topic ‘Understanding Ravi Das’s Social Movement against Brahmanism’ was also going on at same time.

Students Federation of India (SFI) student wing of CPI (M) also trying to give it share in the fight and they have launched a specific campaign ‘ Aman ka Ailan’ and for this they will go Trilokpuri constituency to campaign against BJP.

The documentary was also screened at AMU Aligarh and in Kolkata earlier.

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