iPlus TV- to be launched in Mumbai


Mumbai: The iPlus Telemedia private limited, a Mumbai based Media Company, today announced its plan to launch a new first free to air family television channel, iPlus TV. Scheduled to launch in Mumbai, on 10th April, Friday iPlus TV will broadcast socio-cultural, entertainment, educational and Islamic programmes for the target audience of Urdu and Hindi speaking community. The USP of the company is “Better Life” (Behtar Zindagi), which we target to attain through the delivery of healthy and useful information and knowledge required for this world and hereafter, said Zaid Khalid Patel, Chairman and Managing Director of the iPlus TV. We look forward to providing our target audience with engaging and informative television and creating a whole new genre in the already crowded Market in India, he added. Our aim is to promote ethical values in our society and to promote the sense of being a responsible Indian citizen thus contributing to the building of a constructive society, Patel said.”

He also said that, iPlus TV creates facility to avoid misunderstanding of religion among all the communities by way of discussion, seminars, lectures, workshop, dialogue, training camps, and symposium etc.”

Special care is being taken to make this a complete Family channel, Patel said. iPlus TV ensures a channel for the whole family because, “We are creating contents that will appeal to people from all walks of life and the iPlus TV will never air any content that is grossly offensive to the society, including blatant expressions for bigotry, prejudice, racism, hatred or excessive profanity, obscene, filthy, excessively violent, harassing, blasphemous or defamatory or otherwise objectionable material.

Besides Islamic teachings we will be addressing different social issues like Begging, Family Planning, Farmers’ suicide, Drugs, Corruption, crime against women, Zaid Patel Said.

iPlus TV will use a different format of programming. Besides the lectures, we will also have Interviews, Talks, one to one discussion, group discussions, documentaries etc. It will also have interactive programmes whereby the viewers can relate and also participate.

iPlus TV” has got the necessary permission and license needed to air a TV channel from the government of India.

We are equipped with the entire most modern and state-of-the art physical infrastructure. It has a team of dedicated and well trained professionals who are specialists in their field.

As iPlus TV is registered with the government of India, it can be relayed on all the DTH & cable Operators across the length and breadth of the country. iPlus TV is a free to Air Channel & does not charge any subscription fees from the viewers.

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