BJP ally in Maharashtra to lead protest against beef ban

Shetkari Sanghatana (Farmers Association) too term Beef ban as against farmers’ interest

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Mumbai: The Republican Party of India (A), a partner in the NDA government at the BJP-led government at the Centre, has announced a state-wide protest against the recently enacted anti beef ban law.

Shetkari Sanghatana (Farmers Association) in Maharashtra has also come out against the ban and has termed it as against the interests of farmers.

RPI chief Ramdas Athawale will lead the protest in Mumbai on April 15.

Earlier after the consent for the bill was granted by President Mukherjee, Athawale had expressed dissatisfaction over the state government’s decision of blanket ban on beef in the state and had asked government to rethink on the ban saying the law ignores economic welfare of farmers.

Announcing about the first protest, Athawale said to reporters, “Our first agitation against the State Government’s decision to ban beef sale and consumption will be held on April 15 at Nagpada in South Mumbai. We have invited representatives of various religious communities along with Muslim MLAs and MLCs to support our cause. With this protest, we hope the Government will have a rethink on its decision.”

The Act will cause problems to farmers whose animals have become too old or cannot be used for farming purpose, Athawale said, adding the Government should not get emotional and consider the rational and economic aspects of the ban.

“We strongly oppose the Animal Preservation Act that has got consent from the President. Those who oppose cow slaughter are also against the new Act. Hence, the Government should re-consider continuing with this Act,” he added.

Maharashtra’s Shetkari Sanghatana also feels that the beef ban law affects farmers who are now compelled to feed old cattle and cannot sale in the market.

Expressing anger over government’s decision to blanket ban on beef Ganwant Patil, President of Farmers Association said, “This is completely against the interests of farmers because they cannot sale old cattle in the market. Also they are now stopped from getting easy money by selling bulls in case of emergency”.

The oldest bill of Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Act 1995 was accorded sanction by President in February and came into force in first week of March. The law is a harsher one compared to earlier old law, notified in 1976 that has banned the slaughter of cows.

The present law bans slaughtering of cows, calves and bullocks. The sale of bulls, bullocks for slaughter has been made a crime, which is punishable with a jail term of up to five years and a fine of Rs 10,000.

The possession of meat of a cow, bull or bullock is also an offence which can be punished with one-year jail and a fine of Rs 2,000.


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