Inexplicable delay in immigration clearance put 6000 job seekers’ future in jeopardy

Modi SaudiNew Delhi: Alam and his family was very happy after he got a job visa (carpenter) for Saudi Arabia as his dream for ‘better future’ was about to realize. Even his agent booked a flight for him, but now his dream seems to be going to shatter due to inexplicable delay in the emigration clearance process. Alam is not alone. There are hundreds of Alam whose dream may shatter thanks to Modi’s Digital India.

It is also strange that the Ministry of External Affairs is not aware of the situation. When this correspondent asked the MEA spokesperson Mr Vikas Sawrup in his weekly briefing about this, he said he would find out the matter as right now he had no idea about it. He was told that PoE has stopped immigration clearance since May 3, and because of this as many as 300 job visa to gulf were cancelled.

It is poignant to mention that Alam has come from Bihar just 15 days ago as his agent promised that his emigration clearance would  be done in a couple of days. However his vise was expired because of unexpected delay in emigration clearance.

It is to be noted that the ‘emigration clearance process’ is to be done within 24 hours as the rules of Emigration clearance issued by MEA (website) says “The Procedure for emigration clearance has been simplified. Emigration clearance to individuals is granted on the same day on which the application is made at any of the office of POE”.        Even where the clearance is required for groups; it is to be given on the same day at all POE offices”.

Despite these clear rules, immigration clearance is taking more than 24 days.

There are over 6000 job seekers like Alam whose passports were stuck in the office of Protector of Emigrants New Delhi, many of them are at risk and their visa may expire.

When this correspondent tried to contact to concerned officers in the MEA on the issue, but none was available to comment or others feign ignorance about the issue.

While Mr. SIBI George (Joint Sec, MEA administration), Mr Hariharan Venkatachalam (Under Secratery, Protector of Emigrants flatly refused to talk on the issue.

Talking to Muslim Mirror, some registered agents, who submitted their clients’ passports for emigration clearance, blamed immigration officers for the present mess who recently took the charge. They particularly blamed Mr. Hariharan Venkattachalam who is the new Protector of Emigrants New Delhi.

They said it’s only in Delhi where agents have been facing such problems as they had never faced such a long and unnecessary delay in immigration clearance in the past.

‘I am in the business of recruitment of Indian workers to gulf countries for employment since 1994 and this is to inform you that for this purpose we have to take emigration clearance of emigrants from office of Protector of Emigrants New Delhi. Since 1994,  I was submitting all required documents for emigration clearance in one working day before 1 PM and was getting the clearance same day or rejection of documents also same day with valid reason of rejection but since 7th May 2016 the new Protector of Emigrants New Delhi namely Hariharan  Venkatachalam  is not granting/giving emigration clearance before 16/24 days’ said an agent on the condition of  anonymity.

‘Delay in recruitment procedure is maligning the Government of India’s reputation as well as the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi abroad’ said another agent.

Apart from cancellations of non-refundable air ticket and loss of money, many foreign employers are threatening to cancel visas and claiming the loss from Recruiting Agent and they are also threatening to divert the demand of workers from Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh etc.

On the other hand, financial loss of recruitment agent (RA) and loss of salaries for one month due to one month delay in Emigration clearance by PoE Delhi and also Loss of remittances to India.

There is unnecessary delay in a case of approx 4000- 6000 Emigration clearance which has been pending since 23/05/2016 to03/06/2016.

It is really a piquant situation, the PM is trying to create jobs and bring black money back to  the country,  while  immigration officials are doing just opposite’ said one job seeker whose passport was stuck in PoE office.

Courtesy : Muslim Mirror


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