Indian politics: Delhi poll verdict could determine future politics of India

By Dr. Abdul Ruff,

It’s now unanimous; all polls say Kejriwal and AAP have withstood the Modi wave. Unless every single exit poll gets it wrong, Delhi is going to see an AAP government.  AAP is clearly elated with the findings, but also prefer to adopt a more cautious wait and see approach. No one is celebrating yet.

The new topic of debate in the media would be: Who will take responsibility if the BJP does lose? Will it be Narendra Modi, Amit Shah or Kiran Bedi? All bets are on Bedi, who has already said that she will accept full responsibility, no matter what the verdict.

Exit poll outcomes say AAP shall win majority of seats (between 39-45) in the  70 member Delhi assembly, with BJP coming a distant second and Congress is nowhere, may get a maximum of 2 seats. The Axis exit poll seems to have thrown all caution to the winds. It has predicted a massive 53 seats for AAP, to the 17 by the BJP. The Congress will only manage 0-2 seats. One has to wait until 10 February when poll results would out to decide for the future of India.

Yes, Delhi Fort and Delhi Gate have stopped Modi, rejecting his charisma. It is now the wave of Arvind Kejriwal who is set to become Delhi CM for a full term.

That the outcome of Delhi poll underway now would demoralize the party, if it is defeated – is the chief worry and concern of BJP, the ruling party of India.

Delhi poll verdict could weaken Congress party further and BJP shaken out of its roots as Delhiites vote in large numbers in all constituencies, making the talks of Aam Admi Party easier than expected.  No one expects the Delhi people to surprise the nation by any other decision that would be detrimental to their own genuine interests in the long run.

Congress party sees a fall of BJP image in the country that would favor Congress party in Delhi. BJP hopes for another miracle in the form of Delhi poll outcome.  Sure of winning the Delhi battle is time around by a popular mandate, the AAP must have already begun charting its program and projects for Delhi state while Kejriwal must be reading the list of his election pledges made to Delhiites.

The party’s Delhi Dialogue initiative, a series of interactions with voters across the city, laid the groundwork to draw up a 70-point blueprint for a five-year government in the Delhi and also the party’s manifesto. AAP manifesto was not a product of wishful thinking. It has been drafted by the participation of professionals, students, youth, women, villagers, industrialists. The party promised of free wi-fi, education loans, CCTV cameras, streetlights, regulation of private tankers, water as a right, power reforms, and incubation centers development centres are all an outcome of that.

An AAP victory in Delhi as projected by pre-poll surveys will not only halt BJP’s juggernaut but also bolster the opposition to take on the Modi government. “BJP is rattled sensing an imminent defeat,” Kejriwal said. AAP spokesperson Raghav Chadha said the election verdict will be a kind of test of Modi’s popularity. He added that comments made by BJP President Amit Shah that the verdict will not be a referendum on Modi government reflected that BJP has conceded defeat.

As campaign for the one of fiercest electoral battles in the city came to an end, Aam Aadmi Party exuded confidence of getting a “clear majority” and said the verdict of the election could very well turn out to be a “turning point” in Indian politics. AAP said BJP was nervous about losing the election and that it will be a sort of test of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s popularity as he has led the party’s campaign. “February 10 (verdict day) is going to have a far-reaching impact. It will be a turning point in Indian politics,” senior party leader Ashutosh said in a measured tone.

AAP has always been a volunteer-driven party and this time was no exception as thousands of youth poured in from all over the country to create a “buzz” for the party. AAP Buzz drive saw volunteers distributing the party’s signature caps, pamphlets and posters among the public in crowded market areas and around the busier metro stations.

After months of ceaseless promises, rhetoric, allegations and counter-allegations, in what was easily one of the most bitterly-fought electoral battles that Delhi has witnessed, the party stands confident of making history after facing a ignominious debacle in the Lok Sabha elections. “The Lok Sabha defeat made us realise that a largely offensive campaigning was not working. We had to be more constructive. We had to offer something positive to the public,” a senior party leader said.

Traditionally, Muslims are used to be a Congress vote bank on the strength of which the congress party was winning, forming governments at centre and in states but betrayed them. Those Muslims in Delhi who have benefitted from misrule of the corrupt Congress government now wants see the end of BJP somehow as quickly as possible so that Congress would again emerge as the only alternative to Indian people; they can propagate for Congress as before and get money and privileges as before as vote bank agents of the senior most national political outfit.

It is atrocious that bulks of Muslims have made to consider corruption as a tolerable evil and hence they support as per instruction of their leaders in the locality. They do not feel bad that they also promote corrupt governments that directly harm the genuine interest of common Muslims.

That means, these pro- corruption Muslims and likeminded Hindus among others are impatiently waiting for the defeat of BJP in Delhi and victory of AAP which , they think would serve as an  interim  government to let Congress to make a “historic” return.

They may be mistaken.  AAP might spread its influence all over the country to serve the common people of the nation struggle find better life for them.

Indian Muslims are yet to get rid of BJP fear, although they are now fairly free from Congress nexus.

Corruption as a serious crime is a national issue and Muslims also need to fight it.

Obviously, like others, Muslims also should look for a third alternative to emerge to save India from mafias and corrupt politicians.

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