Endeavor Saudi Arabia honors entrepreneurs

ENDEAVOR, a non-profit organization that is credited with pioneering the concept of high-impact entrepreneurship in emerging and growth markets around the world, celebrated its entrepreneurs in Saudi Arabia under the patronage of the Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr. Tawfiq Alrabiah at the presence of a large number of entrepreneurs.

Based on specific criteria, and extensive studies on their companies, Endeavour Saudi Arabia has chosen a number of entrepreneurs who were honored by the Minister of Commerce and Industry during the ceremony, including Abdul Mohsen Al-Rabiah, Ebrahim Al Jassim, Loai Naseem, Naif Al-Qahtani, Ahmed Hamdan and Hassan Hamdan, Amr Al-Madani and Saeed Saeed.

Chairman of Endeavor Saudi Arabia board Rami K. Alturki, said: “Members of Endeavor Saudi Arabia board are very excited for Endeavor’s proven model in supporting high impact entrepreneurs and creating jobs for the Saudi youth. Entrepreneurship is one of the keys to address the need for tens of thousands of new and innovative jobs in the Kingdom.”

As for some of the achievements of Endeavor since its launch globally in 1997, said Alturki, the number of entrepreneurs who were selected globally were 917 out of 37,000, where the total revenue of Endeavor entrepreneurs companies during the year 2013, was more than $ 6 billion, with 225 000 new jobs created.

Chairman of Endeavor Saudi Arabia said a number of solutions provided by Endeavor to assist high-impact entrepreneurs to achieve their goals on a global level, “Endeavor helps entrepreneurs to unleash their potential in several ways, including introductions to local and international business mentors and volunteers from Fortune 500 consulting firms. These customized services are specifically designed to help them grow their businesses”
During the ceremony, Dave McClure said: “The most important thing that support the entrepreneurs, is to motivate them by removing some of the barriers that preventing them from achieving success such as lack of confidence, lack of experience and fear of failure.

Rakan Al Eidi, Managing Director of Endeavor Saudi Arabia, said: “Endeavour Saudi Arabia is non-profitable organization started two years ago with aim to introduce the International successful model of Endeavour to support the High Impact Saudi entrepreneurs, strengthen the national economy, and create hundreds of new jobs in the Kingdom, as well as highlighting local role models in entrepreneurship to be a source of inspiration for the promising young Saudi who aspires to establish their own business.

The success of Endeavour Saudi Arabia began to take shape, Al Eid said, noting that “the reality says that the Saudi youth of today has the ability to come up with innovative business, they only lack experience in entrepreneurship and strategic mentoring to expand their business and achieve high growth to build large companies that can expand outside the borders of their country and targeting other markets.”

“Endeavor Saudi Arabia has chosen those eight entrepreneurs who run 6 Saudi companies in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam, out of 26 companies have been reviewed during the past two years. They successfully created 1086 jobs opportunities, 226 of them after they have joined the Endeavor Saudi Arabia, which has provided them with more than one hundred hours of coaching.”

He added that the Endeavor Saudi Arabia has chosen entrepreneurs who founded Saudi companies with high growth in the past three years while linking them to business leaders locally, regionally and globally to help them make the right decisions to grow their business, and offer them a range of services including consultancy and guidance, strategic relations and providing them access to sources of capital and other intelligent tools that qualify them to achieve success.

Worth mentioning, Endeavor Saudi Arabia, is the branch of the International Endeavor, which is a non-profit organization based in New York, with presence in 20 countries worldwide. Run by an independent local board of directors of leading Saudi businessmen who believe in its vision to select entrepreneurs, then support and provide them with guidance to expand their business. Since 1997, Endeavour has chosen 917 entrepreneurs from 585 companies around the world with a total income of more than $6 billion in 2013, and has created more than 225, 000 jobs.


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