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Economic Mainstreaming of Minorities, Connecting Business, Technology and Finance

Hassan A. K. Chougule NRI from Qatar Speech on 22nd November 2013, at The Canopy Hotel, Bengaluru on the occasion of 5th All India Minorities Business Summit 2013

Hassan A. K. Chougule delivering Speech on the occasion of 5th All India Minorities Business Summit, 22nd November 2013, at Canopy Hotel, Bengaluru
Hassan A. K. Chougule delivering Speech on the occasion of 5th All India Minorities Business Summit, 22nd November 2013, at Canopy Hotel, Bengaluru

India is a country with much religious, racial and social diversity. Minorities play an integral role in shaping the diverse nature of our country. Although there is a potential for minority groups to play a vital role in the social and political growth of the country. Several such groups today suffer from social stigma and unemployment. This is primarily because of illiteracy and the lack of skill development among these communities and specially amongst the Muslim community.

It is a well known fact that the perceived social exclusion of the Muslim community, denies them the opportunity to grow and prosper. The struggles of the Muslim community with respect to educational attainment and economic performance have been discussed extensively in several government reports, including the Sachchar committee report and the Mehmudur Rehman committee report.

There is a strong connection between the low educational attainment, social exclusion and the economic struggles of the Muslim community, and it is my belief that if the community is lagging in one area, it undoubtedly impacts the other two areas as well. The growth of the country is dependent upon the inclusive growth of all its communities, without which there would be a severe socio-economic imbalance.

Therefore, there is a need to include minorities in an integration process and to consider them as part of the mainstream of the country.

The growth of our community can be supported not just by the government but also by community members. I think the following lines are very instructive:

There is no doubt that, it is also useful for us to think about how we can develop the motivation to work on our own problems. The affluent sections of our community, scholars and other institutions can play a pivotal role in giving back to the society. It is also advisable to use the media to generate awareness about the government scholarships available to students and various schemes for financial support to minority institutions.

It is rightly said that knowledge is power, and the major reason for backwardness is the illiteracy. In this respect, it is essential that we change our attitude towards education. Most of our organizations are religiously completing their duties by providing some type of educational facilities, but are definitely not working on improving the standard of the education they provide, partly because the incurring heavy cost.

In my opinion, it is advisable to work always with the socio- commercial concept for educational

institutions, where the investor should get returns. The concept of quality will work only if the sufficient funds are available. To get dual benefit, the promoters of the project should unanimously include a clause in the Article of Association that 25 % or 33 % of the income is to be diverted for the charity to support the needy students. This will serve a dual purpose, benefit to the investors and benefit to the needy.

Additionally, poorer students will benefit from a high standard of education, which their rich colleagues will be receiving in the same institution.

When we create an educated, young, professional generation through our efforts, their family members, associates and friends, seeing their progress will definitely be motivated to strive, in order to get better carriers. Still, there will be a need by the individuals and the institutions to assist youngsters to pursue professional education in the fields of management, engineering and medical sciences. This will create much needed professionals and entrepreneurs in the community. This will also help to fill up some of the key positions and will be a part of the bodies forming policies and strategies for minority’s development, as there is currently an absence of representatives in key positions, which is also one of the factors for backwardness.

In addition to following traditional career paths, it is also important for our community to look at the civil service as a serious option. One educated person may help himself or few in his surroundings but one civil servant of IAS category can help hundreds and thousands because of his position, his capability and power. Fortunately, The Hamdard at Delhi and the Hajj Committee at Mumbai are working hard to find talented individuals interested in preparing themselves for the civil service. Additionally, both individuals and foundations should consider sponsoring a few talented candidates in the best available institutions which trains for civil service entrance examinations. With adequate motivation, initiatives and the push to march ahead, will create a good chance of success for the community.

We must remember the inspiring words:

Only one pat can wakeup a dream   Only one bird can herald spring

Only one word can frame the goal   Only one smile can make a life

And only one step can starts a journey


Brothers and Sisters let us take inspiration from the following poetry and take an oath today to move ahead towards challenging fields.

I am pleased to announce that tomorrow we are releasing a book at Mumbai by Ideal Foundation—a “Guide to Civil Services” in Urdu it is called “Rehnumae Civil Services” compiled by Ashfaque Umar from Malegaon (, which will be helpful to many striving for civil Service carrier.

Today the community faces problems of Poverty, Child labour and other social issues which must be urgently addressed. Zakah is a very important mechanism given by Islam for the redistribution of wealth and can be effectively used for poverty alleviation. The network of collecting Zakah and channelizing it to the poor should be more organized and widespread. More Societies and organizations dedicated to address such social issues should be created or established. A strong social system is the foundation of any society and if it is laid properly it would develop a prosperous society.

Brothers and sisters, especially fellow businessmen.

It is our duty that what Allah (SWT) has given us or has rewarded us, we must give back to the society by employing, assisting, supporting and encouraging qualified youngsters to develop their carrier or help upcoming Entrepreneurs to establish further. The affluent sections of society should come forward and collectively lend support to the young entrepreneurs, which will have far reaching results. More and more financial institutions should be set up to provide financial assistance to the needy, and easy means and ways of financing should be made available to the budding entrepreneur.

There are many schemes of the government, solely meant for the minority community but it does not reach those in need due to a lack of awareness. Here, media can play a very important role. Maesshat Media is the media house which focuses on the economy of minorities; its platform could be effectively used for spreading awareness. The future of the country lies in the prosperity of its people.

Before I conclude I would like to say what our former President of India Mr. APJ Abul Kalam has said:

Dreams are not those which we see while sleeping

Dreams are those which does not allow us to sleep

It is my sincere advice to the qualified young generation, Think big, have high aims, fix goals, make targets and put sincere efforts, Insha Allah success will be always there.


Thank you one and all and JAI HIND


Hassan Abdulkarim Chougule NRI (Non Resident Indian) from Qatar

Managing Director : Emad Group of Companies, Qatar

Vice Chairman : Grand Hotel Group, Qatar

Serving the Indian Community in Qatar since 1977.

The only Indian in Qatar, who has headed all three apex bodies directly functioning under Embassy of India Indian Business Council / Indian Cultural Centre / Indian Community Benevolent Forum

Chairman : Ideal Foundation, Mumbai

President : Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) for Qatar

Biographies Published

Imprints of Life (2011) and Moments of Life (2013)

(An international collection of testimonials from friends, colleagues, heads of organizations and corporate heads, published with write-ups, poetic tributes and interviews.)

Listed as

One of The Hundred Global Indian by The Indian – Hong Kong

One of the 100 Most Powerful Arabian Indians, by Arabian Business – UAE

One of the 100 Super Indian from MEENA countries by Grey Matter – UAE


Qatar National Human Rights Award by QNHRC

Pride of India – Leadership Award by President of Mauritius

Global Personality Award by Sharad Pawar

Pravasi Bhartiya Samman Awardee by President of India (2012)

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