Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals, Ascribed Her Success to Hard Work and Tahajjud Prayers

Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals

Aurangabad: (Maeeshat News Network) Bushra Mateen, a 22-year-old Karnataka girl who became the first Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) student to win 16 gold medals, shared her success mantra during a felicitation ceremony held at Pearls Academy, Aurangabad.

Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals

“Waking up for Tahajjud prayers also made it possible for me to start my study from the very early morning, allowing me more study hours. Moreover, Tahajjud prayers brought me closer to God, giving me peace and belief. No wonder I climbed the height of success,” said Bushra Mateen, who was the chief guest in the educational program titled “Path to Excellence,” where academicians and people from different walks of life voiced their opinion.

Referring to the audience at AMES KIDs School premises, which also included parents, she said that parents should encourage their children equally to pursue higher education without any gender discrimination.

Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals

She recounted how her parents had always stood by her side, lending unconditional support through the thick and thin of her student’s life. “They encouraged me to pursue my engineering and excel in it. So, on the back of my parent’s support, I could focus on my goals wholeheartedly, and by God’s will, I am now preparing for the civil service exams,” said the Hijabi girl at the podium.

Thanks to her spectacular success, Bushra dispelled the myth in society that a Muslim girl who wears a hijab cannot excel in her studies and can only stay at home for household chores. She believes that nothing is impossible. Self-confidence and determination are the keys to success.

Bushra, a civil engineering graduate of SLN College of Engineering, Raichur, obtained an aggregate cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 9.73 and bagged the first rank in the civil engineering branch as well as in the women’s category. Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals

She won 16 gold medals at the 21st convocation ceremony of the VTU on March 10, breaking the university’s previous record haul of 13 gold medals. She completed her schooling at St Mary’s Convent and PU from Pramana PU College in Raichur. While Bushra’s father and brother are both civil engineers, her mother is also an educated individual with a degree in Bachelor of Arts.

Bushra Mateen, the First Student in VTU History to Bag 16 Gold Medals

Mr. Ashfaque Motiwala, the Founder of Pearls Academy and Secretary of Zulekha Motiwala Social Welfare Charitable Trust, said, “Bushra Mateen has proved that girls can do wonders if given a little freedom and attention.”

In his vote of thanks, Nayyer Iqbal, principal of Pearls Academy, said, “I am thankful to Bushra Mateen who came from Karnataka to Pearls Academy, to inspire our students. Her propensity to work hard and her religious nature make her a perfect role model for all the students.”

Appreciating the hard work of both Bushra Mateen and Pearls Academy, Danish Reyaz, the Managing Director of Maeeshat Media, said, “Diamonds and pearls are born only in difficult situations. Pearls Academy has established its identity in Aurangabad in a short time and has been inspiring students and youths across the country. Similarly, Bushra Mateen raised the head of the nation with her success while also enthusing lakhs of students to follow in her footsteps.”

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