Al-Ameen Mission to give more than 500 doctors: M Nurul Islam

M Nurul Islam

New Delhi: (Maeeshat News Network) Near about 500 medical aspirants will get chance to study MBBS and BDS in the Govt. Medical Colleges from Al-Ameen Mission this year, among which 100 are the girl students. All they have secured more than 550 marks in the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) exam. There are also two students who are hafiz e Quraan and now going to study MBBS.

Last year this number was 400.

“It is a great success and all time record in the history of Al-Ameen Mission,” said Al-Ameen Mission founder and general secretary M Nurul Islam.

He reiterated that Al-Ameen Mission was established in 1987 and now it has 72 centres. The educational institute was formed to give quality education to underprivileged students who are unable to continue studies due to the financial crisis. Most of the students who are trained at Al-Ameen Mission come from remote villages.

Islam pointed out that Al-Ameen Mission has around 72 campuses (from 5th to 12th standard). This year’s NEET saw some brilliant performances from Al-Ameen Mission students (both non-residential and residential).

Among the non-resident students of Al- Ameen Mission, Kushnakur Bhowmick secured the highest marks. He scored 686 out of 720 marks in NEET. His all India rank (AIR) is 427.

However, among the residential students of the institute, Irfan Habib, son of a modest farmer, Abdul Subhan of Cooch Behar district in West Bengal, scored the highest marks. He scored 685 in NEET this year, his rank is 594 in All India. It should be mentioned that 225 students of the institute have scored more than 600 marks in NEET.

Akhtara Parvin, a resident of Birbhum district in West Bengal, has achieved excellent results among the girl students of Al- Ameen Mission. She has been studying in Class VII since 2015 at the Khalatpur campus of Al- Ameen Mission. “ I got 96% marks in the class X board exam and 98% marks in class XII board exam. I got only 480 marks in NEET last year because I couldn’t prepare at home due to lockdown, but this year I got 653 marks with the help of Al- Ameen Mission,” said Akhtara, who was ranked 3915 in All India.

List of some students who qualified NEET

Name: KUSHANKUR BHOWMICK:     Marks: 686        AIR: 427

Name: IRFAN HABIB:            Marks: 685   AIR: 594

Name: MD RABIUL ISLAM:       Marks: 680    AIR: 905

Name: SHAIKH WASIM HASAN:     Marks: 675    AIR: 1088

Name: EMDADUL HAQUE:  Marks 670   AIR: 1541

Name: NUR JAMAN SEKH:  Marks 670  AIR: 1562 

Name: SHAKIL AHMAD:    Marks 670   AIR: 1742

Name: SYED S RAHAMAN:  Marks 665  AIR: 2068

Name: SK PARVEZ SAYEED:  Marks 665   AIR: 2103

Name: MD ABU HASEM:  Marks 665  AIR: 2113

Name: ARIF SK: Marks 661  AIR: 2545

Name: WALIUR RAHAMAN:  Marks 661  AIR: 2589

Name: MD HASHIBAR RAHAMAN:  Marks 660  AIR: 2830

Name: ASHIQUE MOHAMMAD: Marks 660  AIR: 2882

Name: NAHID AHMED: Marks 660  AIR: 2883

Name: IRFAN HABIB SHAIKH: Marks 658 AIR: 3022

Name: QAZI MD MUDDASSIR:  Marks: 657  AIR: 3081

Name: KAZI MONIRUL ISLAM: Marks 657  AIR: 3162

Name: RAIHANUDDIN MISTRI:  Marks 655 AIR: 3489

Name: MD HASANUJJAMAN:  Marks 655  AIR: 3593

Name: MD FIROJ JAMAN:  Marks 654 AIR: 3775

Name: AKHTARA PARVIN: Marks 653 AIR: 3915

Name: MD SAMAYAN SK:  Marks 652 AIR: 3953

Name: MINHAJ AHMED:  Marks: 650 AIR: 4350

Name: R SANDIPAN: Marks 650 AIR: 4354

Name: SYED MD TAMIM:  Marks 650  AIR: 4564

Name: MUMTARIN KHATUN:  Marks 650  AIR: 4601

Selection procedure for Class V to IX

  1. The examination is held as per syllabus of the related class. 10 marks are given outside of the syllabus.
  2. The students are called for an objective test and guardian interview if they get qualifying marks.
  3. The marks of the objective test are added to the marks of the admission test and thereafter students are selected on the basis of guardian interview.
  4. Poor, orphan and needy students get free-ship / half free ship or subsidy in their fees as per consideration.

For admission details, students should visit the official website –

History of Al-Ameen Mission

M Nurul Islam, set up the Khalatpur Junior High Madrasa in 1976 when he was still studying his 10th Standard. In May 1984, he started the Institute of Islamic Culture, setting up a hostel for the institute in 1986 in the Madrasa building itself with the collection of one fistful of rice from every home in his village, Khalatpur. In January 1987, it was renamed as Al-Ameen Mission.

As well as being an educational institute, Al-Ameen Mission does charitable works for the Muslim community. It has also scholarship programs to help needy students of all communities.

Al-Ameen Mission is a residential institute located near Khalatpur, Udaynarayanpur, Howrah, West Bengal, India. Established in 1986, it has now spread across 15 districts of the state with 18000 students in 72 branches.

Al-Ameen Mission follows the curriculum of WBBSE, WBCHSE, CBSE Board. Al Ameen Mission received the prestigious “Banga Bhusan Award” in 2015 which is awarded by the Govt. of West Bengal.

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