Anjuman is not only an institution but a social organization

Dr Zaheer Qazi is a prominent scholar and educationist.  He is the President of Anjuman I Islam and senate member of Mumbai University. In an exclusive meeting he shares his experience with Danish Reyaz

Is it not true that our institutions are not up to contemporary demands?

Yes, of course it is the need of time and we want to change our old system. Pragmatically if we have plan then we will succeed, the time is going very fast but our reformation process is very slow. But I can share with you that our Anjuman is a progressive institute, we are not only an institution but running a social organization too. So we are trying best to better, we are changing our educational plan according to global scenario. And we are also trying to manage quality education.

What is the bench mark of Anjuman?

Anjuman is an Ideal, standard and historical institute, had formed by Justice Badruddin Tayeb ji in 1880. If you remember that time they had started professional courses for girls. And it was according to British commission. Let me talk that it was only first commercial institute in Maharashtra where our students are getting typewriter training, fashion designing training etc. in this history now we are starting Integral Technical Campus at New Panvel, we have got the permission. It is very interesting story that when some guys came from Central educational department to inspect our educational system, within two to three hours they wrote that such kind of institution  are running here so it is necessary to give them a clean chit to pursue their expectations.

You are the senate member of Mumbai University, and then what is your comment on their educational atmosphere.

I am not only the senate member but I am the former student of Mumbai University. That time when I was there, the educational environment was very good. Very intelligent student are studying there and doing well in their life. But now I have not seen that time atmosphere. Now it is a battle ground for politicians. Everyone is using their influence and educational quality is going bad to worse. I had attended last two meetings and seen that no one is serious on quality education, meanwhile the quality education is going poorer. But I think that it will not remain for a long time, now students are very serious and they will change the system.

As an academician what is your suggestions to improve that situation?

First who are on the key posts and don’t have any good academic qualification they should resign. Therefore everyone should have status and evaluation. If we are talking about international educational system and our employee don’t have any experience; then how he or she will be able to educate their students’ according to global educational system. When we are looking around the world and seen those places where educational system is very good then we think why our system is so poor, then we realize that we are not providing such kind of atmosphere. It is necessary to our government that they also provide guide line and develop communication skills. In a modern era University is not fully computerized, even our meetings minute is not recorded, I think it is lake of responsibility. It should necessary for Vice Chancellor to look on these matters. We are also very poor in science and technological education; we need to have more practical approach. It is also very important to look at primary and secondary education, learning with understanding is very important , our institution are only learners academies, I think that if we will provide an understanding atmosphere then our children will grow successfully. If you are seeing in our institution then you get that our teachers and principals are improving their skills, even in the management, we have suggested everyone that they go outside, even abroad and learn about the modern educational system. We are trying to increase an inclusive growth.

We have seen that audio visual syllabus is smoothly spreading in our institutions, what is your comment on it?

Yes of course Audio visual learning trend is scientifically proved. Many teachers don’t have too much idea that how they can satisfy their students, let me speak that student doesn’t digest whole thing and he or she had half knowledge. If the Audio Visual technology cost is low and every middle class family had afforded it then we can adopt it. But first we have to look that; is the corporate families are adopting or not? But one thing also mentionable that has skill then it is not a matter what kind of teaching method you have.

You have a lot of collages and institution. Why should not you are trying to built a University?

Yes of course we have more than hundred schools, colleges and polytechnics, and we have enough land too. But our Anjuman is a nodal agency, we are not getting fund by the government like Jamia Millia or Aligarh Muslim University. Many people had suggested that we try as a Deem University like others who are getting too much money from this idea. But we don’t want so; we want to serve education for all citizens. But I’m sure, if our community has changed, then the time will assure that we be recognized as a University.

What is your future plan?

We have 167 acre land in Pnchgani and 1.8 acre in Matheran hill station. In two places we are planning a modern allopathic collage, Training and recreation centre for nature. It is a new project but we are doing as a priority basis. Now sports are career, so we are trying a sports academy especially for cricket. Now we are looking for a female coach for our Girls’ Cricket Team. In 2020 vision we are trying to open our branches in other countries. We are also trying an Internet educational Television, which will be the first educational television. We are also planning a video conferencing program where we will guide others institutions. Especially for Urdu institutions we are trying to promote variety of extra curriculum activities.

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