AMU Alumni Forum-UAE Celebrates Sir Syed Day in Sharjah

AMU Sharjah pixSharjah: (Press Release)It is said, and rightly so, perhaps no graduate of any university loves his or her Alma mater as strongly as the graduates of Aligarh Muslim University love their alma mater. Anywhere in the world there are a number of old boys/girls they form an Alumni forum for socializing and doing something for the university’s progress. The Emirates chapter of the Alumni is one of the most active and prominent world-wise as the highest authorities of the University have duly recognized this fact and publicly declared. As usual the A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has held the Founder’s day on 20th November 2015 at the beautiful outdoor venue of the International Holiday Hotel in Sharjah. This year’s event of A.M.U. Alumni Forum – U.A.E. made history for itself as it was the largest gathering of the Aligs Alumni anywhere in the world. The Chief Guest, Pro vice-Chancellor Brigadier (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali asserted in his speech that he has been travelling and attending the alumni programs all over the world but nowhere had he seen such a large number of Aligs in one venue. Over seven hundred Alumni and AMU well-wishers gathered in that beautiful evening to remember and appreciate and get inspiration from the great works and achievements of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who provided the much needed bold and right leadership at the right time.

No doubt that the Sir Syed’s Modern Education venture marks the most important epoch in the Post Mogul history of Indian Muslims. He had a clear vision that without modern and scientific education and knowledge of English language Indian Muslims will turn into modern days Shudras; the low of lowest in the social ladder of the country. The traditional religious leadership failed to realize this fact and did not heed to the call of the time.

According to the custom the programme was started by a short recitation from the Holy Quran Mr. Adil Akhtar, Vice-President of the A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has conducted the programme very smoothly added to its beauty and grace by profusely using Urdu appropriate and beautiful couplets. The chief guest and a number of guests of honors were offered mementos to mark this event. As usual most of the speakers highlighted the great works and noble mission of Sir syed Ahmad Khan.

However, in his brilliant speech the Pro Vice-Chancellor of A.M.U.Aligarh has declared that the university is progressing by lips and bounds. He appreciated the role of the Alumni groups who generously supported the development and construction projects in the university. He declared that the financial and moral support that AMU is receiving from alumni groups in general and the UAE chapter in particular is beyond his imagination and above all their expectations. In his speech the Pro Vice-Chancellor more than once praised highly the A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. for the great efforts it is making for the progress of the University.

  1. E. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Diplomat & Ex-Minister for Environment & Water (U.A.E.) & The Patron of A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has given the welcome speech in which he praised the role of Indian in the development of U.A.E.

In his emotionally charged speech Mr. Syed Mohammad Qutbur Raham, President, A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. reminded the fellow Aligs of their great responsibility towards the Nation & Community; they are in need of their help and leadership from the Alig community all over the world.

Another remarkable speech was delivered by Mr. Ameer Ahmad who while praising the woks of Alumni said that this is not enough. They have to do something of large scale in educating Muslims of the north India especially in UP, Bihar, Bengal and Assam. He gave the example of Kerala how Muslim have achieved excellence in education, job and business. The same is to be copied, he emphasized. In the light of his recent visits to some of the remote villages of U.P he gave gruesome detailed description of the sufferings of the destitute Muslims who live in abject poverty.

The guest of honour Shri Deepak Mishra, Secretary–International Social Council, President – Samajwadi bouddhik/Chintan Sabha & Editor – Anuchintan has made this evening very emotional by demanding Bharat Raton Award to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan for his extra ordinary services.

Our lady dynamic member & writer Dr.Arshi Aziz Khan has given an Economic Revolution of Century. She has claimed that we can make India Poverty free, Tax free, Corruption free & Interest free within 60 days.

In addition to The Chief Guest, Pro vice-Chancellor A.M.U Aligarh, Brigadier (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali the followings are the some of the prominent guests who attended this memorable event.

# Janab Siraj Uddin Qureshi, President, India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi

# Mr.Tariq Ahmed Nizami, Founder & CEO, CEO Clubs Network

# Janab Ameer Ahmed, Chairman & Group M.D. Manappt Group of Companies

# Dr.Suhail Sabir, Chairman, Alumni Affairs Committee, A.M.U. Aligarh

# Dr. Faud Saeed Sherani, Coordinator, Cultural Education Centre, A.M.U Aligarh

# Mr. Mehsan Arshad, Vice President/Director, International Business Development

# Mr.Saiyad Shahin Alam, Director, GP Property Fund (CEIC) Ltd

# Mr. Shahabuddin Yaqub, Journalist & Social Activist

# Janab Sayed Anwar Bari, Asst. General Manager (Projects), Bukhatir Group

# Mr.Shahar Imran, Businessman and Community Activist from London, UK

# Mr. Md. Perwez Siddique, President, Sir Syed Minority Foundation, Aligarh

# Mr.Abdul Khalique Kamil, Honorary Secretary, Sir Syed Minority

Foundation, Aligarh

Mr. Mansoor Ali, General Secratery, A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has given the vote of thanks. He also thanked the sponsors of this event. Our sponsors are DLF-Lucknow, Al-Futtaim Engineering, Al Makkaj (Ajmal Group),LuLu Hypermarket, Asian Group of Companies,  Desert King Waterproofing, Vertex – Events & Interiors, Ashiyana Group of Companies, Al Amber Perfumes, Tritech Technical Services, Al Jouz Auto Spare parts & Pure World Freight.

Mr. Ateequr Rehman Khan, Joint Secretary, A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has organized a quiz competition on Sir Syed’s life, mission, achievements and A.M.U history.

It must be emphasizes here that all the post holders,members & volunteers of A.M.U.Alumni Forum–U.AE. have done remarkable jobs for the success of this historical Sir Syed Day Function2015 in U.A.E.

Finally the famous Trana of the AMU song was sung with the same tradition, music and enthusiasm.

Lastly the delicious Indian dinner was severed to all the participants.


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