State Bank in Mumbai Puts Up Notice Against Muslim Veil, Scarf, Then Removes

Apparently, adverse public reaction on social media forced the govt-controlled bank to budge

NEW DELHI — A notice board asking customers to not wear burqa (veil) at the State Bank of India’s Nehru Nagar branch in Mumbai left Muslims agitated who asked the bank authorities to get it removed.

“Several of us tweeted this and raised this concern with bank officials,” Sheikh Sajeed Akbar, a local in Nehru Nagar, a Muslim-dominated locality told “We still do not know why such a notice was put up.”

“Burkha, scarf prohibited inside the branch premises,” the notice read.

After social media users voiced their concern on the internet, the State Bank issued a statement announcing the board has been removed while regretting the inconvenience.


The bank said the board was put up “for safety during cash withdrawal and other financial transactions only” and “did not have any other intention of keeping the board”.

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