Zakat unites the community: Report

ZakatJeddah, (IINA) : In fact, zakat is an act of worship perform by paying a percentage of property to the poor and needy.
There are other purposes for which zakat money is used, but the overall purpose of this great act of worship is to ensure that the Muslim community remains united, looking after the ones who are less fortunate in society, Arab News newspaper reported.

Islam attaches much emphasis to charity, requiring Muslims to pay their zakat regularly. While the obligatory zakat represents the minimum that one must pay, there is no limit on what one may give in charity. In fact, Islam encourages charity in all situations, promising rich reward for those who give away what they can to help their poor relatives, friends and fellow human beings.

Numerous are the Qur’anic verses and statements by the Prophet (peace be upon him) encouraging charitable donations.

When the poor are given some of the worst type that we have, they may take it to heart that they are given what is of little use. Hence, the Qur’an stresses the importance of giving from what is good and useful.

The Prophet’s (pbuh) companions give us the best example of implementing Islamic teachings. When they realized that a certain practice would earn God’s pleasure, they would immediately act on it.


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