Yogendra Yadav Receiving ‘Hundreds of Abusive and Threatening Calls’




He says BJP’s troll army intimidating him, giving call to gather outside his residence

NEW DELHI — Swaraj Party chief Yogendra Yadav is facing intimidation by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) supporters. His personal number has been leaked, allegedly by BJP’s troll army, after which he is receiving “hundreds of abusive and threatening phone calls”. The saffron brigades also plan to gather at the residence of Yadav, who has emerged as a prominent face of farmers’ resistance movement.

On Thursday, Yadav said through a tweet that BJP supporters have given a call on social media to gather outside his residence in the evening.

He said he was going to inform the Delhi Police about his personal number being leaked. Yadav said he is not going to be intimidated by threat calls and crowd gatherings.

Yadav has been the target of Hindutva forces for his political opposition to the Narendra Modi government. He is one of those leaders who have been booked by the Delhi Police for violence that erupted during a tractor rally by farmers on the Republic Day.

Yadav is among the top leadership of farmers who have denounced the Red Fort incident and distanced themselves from the ensuing violence. Yadav was quick to appeal for calm and urge the protesters to follow the designated route permitted by the Delhi Police.

“I appeal on behalf of the Samyukt Kisan Morcha to all farmers not to pay attention to rumours, and also appeal to them to return to their designated routes. Please don’t do anything that tarnishes the farmers’ movement,” he had said in messages broadcast through the media.


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