mother (maeeshat)By: Nazir Anwer Qasmi, (Al Mahad, Hyderabad)

Yes, I am the mother. People question me, why are you so special, so important and so influential that Allah Almighty repeatedly mentioned your name just after Him in the Holy Qur’an? Why all humanity hold you in high regards and some times even bow down before you?

I am so special because by suffering all sorts of distresses, I nourish my baby inside my body when he is nothing. Pushing the life in abundant threat, I give him birth. I take care of him when he is helpless. I sleep in his urine and cold bed-sheet but cover him with warm clothes. I keep awakened and unrest if he cries. I grow impatience if he is ill and make all possible efforts just to see a smile. I don’t separate him for a moment even if I am ill. I don’t let him uncover even when I get wetted in rain or tremble with chilly cold. I manage to feed him even when I go hungry or remain thirsty. If he is at home, I serve him with all heart. If he is on journey, I keep praying untill he returns back home. If he is sick, I am nervous. If he is fail, I am breathless. He is apple of my eyes, he is joy and happiness of my life. He is my hope and my dream, he is my might and my strength.

Above all, he is an organ of my existence, my body and soul, and he is for me – as water for fish. My whole life is dedicated for him, that is the reason why I am so special and so great for all.

To testify my greatness, it is enough to note that Allah (swt) sent a message through His closest Angel – Jibril, to the most beloved prophet in human history – Mohammad (saws), in the blessed month of Ramazan, at the noble place of Mimber of Masjid, on the sacred day of Juma (Friday), where He ‘cursed those who could not attain Jannah by serving their living mother and father’.


I am so special that Jannat (Paradise) is under my feet. This is not me, rather the Prophet of Islam (saws) had said so about me. Could you imagine, why I am rewarded such precious gift? It is because my services are selfless and not for any material returns. I am never tired in this course! The Prophets (asa), Sahaba (raa), spiritual and religious reformers, scholars, writers, scientists, philosophers, doctors, engineers – all are nourished in my tiny lap. I name him when he is unknown. I hold his finger when his legs are too weak to stand on. I understand his meaning when he can’t even utter a single word, I teach him expressions from times when he has been speechless. I keep him neat and clean when he is helpless. I provide him with comfort with the warmth of my own chest when he is in anguish. I guide him to the right paths and adorn him with good manners, beautiful characters and important knowledge to live a life.

Finally, he grows up as a civilized, perfect, strong and learned human. This is me who shape a living being into a human being. My job begins from the day when he opens his eyes for the first time in this world and remains endless until I close my eyes from this world.

Do you, till now, doubt or are you surprised about the honours and the special status that are accorded by Allah (swt) for me? Do I not deserve these? Yes, surely, I do. I deserve all these even though you do not acknowledge, because these are granted by the Creator of this universe – Allah (swt) and testified by our beloved prophet Mohammad (saws).


My dear children – sons and daughters! My love is pure and absolute. My words are true, my intentions are sacred, my heart is full of affection, my days and nights are dedicated to you. Did I ever ask for any return against all these tireless services and sacrifices? Did I ever think bad of you? No, never! I never wish or think bad of you even if you dislike me. I never expel you even when you misbehave me. When you, unfortunately, drag me out to a far place, I keep praying for you! When you abuse me, I keep forgiving you! When you hate me, for reasons you know, I still love you! When you forget me, I keep missing you! My happiness lies in your joys, my success is in your success. Only thing I want is to see you a successful, obedient and a good human being!


Take me a precious gift of Allah. Be obedient, love me with all heart. Be happy with me in all the situations. Remain grateful to my tireless and selfless sacrifices. Fulfill my need before I demand. If you respect me, yours will respect you. If you serve me, Allah will open the door of Jannah for you. If you break my heart, Allah will dislike you. If you please me, Allah will love you. If you dare to hurt me, Allah will punish you.

Remember well! You are not eternal, soon you will harvest what you cultivate now. If today you don’t acknowledge my importance, tomorrow you will feel sorry. Ask those who are deprived from my love in childhood! Or those who have lost my blessings from their heads. Or ask those who need to visit graveyards to meet me, how heartbroken they are and how they feel about me now!

One day you will miss me a lot my dear, but you can’t meet me then. You will search for my pure love and affection but nowhere you would find it. You can’t buy or borrow me, no, never you can. So better know me, when I am in between you. Take me as a precious reward from Allah and better your ends.

O my loving child, remember! Even if I am not present amidst you now but my prayer is always with you. You may send me your prayers, I need them too now!


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