Why Bharat Bandh cannot alone compel the government to take back the farm Bills

bhart bandh

By Abdul Sattar Shaik

A one-day Bharat Bandh on 8th December tomorrow, will not have the dramatic impact on the government to take back the three farm bills and create a law on the MSP, which is what the farmers and their associations are hoping for. There has a to be a collective impact that should intimidate and propel the governments to start looking at the issue seriously. The pinch must be far effective to feel its pain.

There is a great charisma about “Non-cooperation and Boycott movements-and have done wonders during the freedom struggle to make the oppressive governments in subduing and retort to what is justifiable, without the use of coercion. and even today they are the only intellectual weapons; the people should use against any form of tyranny. The Swadeshi movement are a classic example where the British products were boycotted for home grown products, and most importantly to compel the British to leave this country. When the British clothes were burning in pyres across India, the British hearts were engulfed in fury.

Let’s look at some of the non-cooperative and boycott movements that can be done by the people of this country. First the supply of farm to market essential provisions for everyday needs, should come to a halt from across India; especially the farmers. There should be a serious deficit, that need to be created in the market for essential commodities. And trust me, you will get immediate response from the governments. So far, the blocking of National highways has worked well, as it has stopped the operations and everyday trade and commerce including travel. If things are not getting into perspective, a few more states should also adopt the same resistance movement which the farmers from Punjab, Haryana and others have adopted, and march towards the Capital.

One of the most important form of resistance to do, is to desist buying from the governments pet companies and corporates, this should have been done, from the time this government imposed various rules against the Muslims, Students and Minorities of this country, started attacking the long established government companies of this country, and started plundering the economy in the way they deserve by passing bills because of their majority and trickery.

The recent denial of food served by the governments to the farmers representative is another insult on the government, and one of the many forms of a non-cooperation movement. The Indian diaspora living abroad should also continue their protests across the world and support the farmers protest along with boycotting the Indian products which can seriously dent the economy and send a strong message to the government. Perhaps this is the first time that, we as Indians are telling our fellow Indians to stop using Indian products. Because, when the government can bully their own people and are making them suffer, by taking away every opportunity to live peacefully, the people of Indian origin can respond back to them in a language that they deserve.

Many of the Muslim countries recently adopted the policy of banning French products from use and consumption, when the fresh government telecasted the cartoon of the prophet Muhammad on the city billboards and they have been doing it against any county, who are vilifying His image and reputation in the name of freedom of speech and are oppressing Muslims across the world. In response the French companies went into a panic when millions of dollars of business were affected. And resulted in a worldwide condemnation of French government and president macron.

Yes, the protest and bans will lead to discomfort and will stop the lives of millions of people across the country and the rest of the world. But we need to remember the bigger picture. The fight is not against the people; but the government who is not- “of the people, by the people and for the people”. Rather their illicit corporate organizations, and this is a time for all minorities, secular liberalist, peasants, patriots and labours who are being oppressed in one or the other ways to stand as one India.

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