What are the most important demands of Indian Minorities ?

Supreme Court, Muslim Women, Nikah, Halala, Triple Talaq

Dr Khurshid Syed, Bandra

Muslims are the second largest majority in India.Other so called minorities are Dalits and Adivasis, Christians Jains and Sikhs.

In this pluralistic country people of different color, caste,race and religion have lived peacefully together for centuries. After the Aryan invasions, Muslims came to this country only to bring some civilizational and cultural changes. They were no different from other  Kings and rulers. Like all other Kings and rulers, they only fought for power and wealth. All historians tell us this truth.

There was a golden period of Ganga-Jamna Sabhyata before the Britishers. Only the clever British colonialist worked this trick of Divide and rule and demonized Muslim rulers. Unlike British,Muslim rulers, stayed back in this country for the betterment of India.

This line of action—divide and rule- is taken up by the present government of communalization of politics, of oppressing the minorities of Muslims, dalits, Xtians, Sikhs and Jains, to the detriment of the future of this country.

The small minority of the so called Hindu Nationalists are riding on the wave of mass hysteria of communalisation, promising development and progress of the country, while doing exactly opposite. This can only work for a short time.

There are rumours of even changing the constitution and bringing Hindu Rashtra with a private army of volunteers. This will be a suicidal policy for the country.

What do all these other minorities demand ?

All they want is their security,education, Jobs and rule of law.

Is this too much they are demanding?

The present Rulers are very cleverly keeping them busy with non-relevant issues and keeping them fighting amongst themselves.

For example, Babri masjid issue or Triple talaq issue is not at all important for the masses of Muslims.

Again repeating the demands”’’security Education and Jobs”” is all they want.

Looking at the international scene, we are living in very critical times.

USA is fast declining as a super power against China. How powerful will be our country in the future to face these challenges?

In the future, with great masses of Indian citizens being deprived of their rightful demands, how can we be a strong and powerful country ?

These are the points for the dreamers of a Hindu rashtra to think about .

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