Vidarbha Farmers and Tribal oppose AAP’s ‘Anti food security scheme’ Candidate

Nagpur: AAP political affairs committee thin tank Adv. Prashant Bhushan has been questioned by 3 million cotton farmers and 5 million food starved tribal of vidarbha region over the AAP candidate from most farmers suicide hit parliamentary seat ‘Chandrapur-Wani-Kelapur’ Adv.Wamanrao Chatap who is close associate of Sharad Joshi and strong supporter of GM seed and globalization and much more shocking fact that he was running agitation against  food security bill  as AAP’s  economic policies are against monopolies of MNCs and Adv. Prashant Bhushan  has been fighting the case to ban BT. cotton and toxic Gm Food in India hence farmers activist group who is also fighting for universal food security to all tribal and dryland farmers has written letter asking AAP leaders to come clean on the candidature of Adv.Wamanrao Chatap and urged AAP to change the candidates in order to save AAP economic creditability in the nation , Kishore Tiwari of Vidarbha Jan Andolan Samiti (VJAS) informed in press release today.

‘we are shocked with AAP candidates selection in vidarbha when Adv.Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav is working as core group members  PAC of AAP ,These leaders have been advocating since last two decades that monopolies of MNCs and free trade coupled GM seed technology is killing the vidarbha farmers and they have been demanding universal food security and now they are expecting anti-food security and pro-globalization and pro-GM seed lobbies are representing them in parliament resulting political hypocrisy moreover associating with Sharad Joshi  one hand and giving Medhatai Patkar AAP parliamentary ticket  shows big communication gap among leaders which is unfortunate’ Tiwari added.

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