US to sell missiles worth over $133 mn to Japan

US missilesWashington : The US has approved the sale of missiles worth $133.3 million to Japan, saying it will serve to reinforce the Asian country’s defence against the ballistic missile threat from North Korea.

The consignment, which must still be approved by the US Congress, includes the sales of four missiles for the SM-3 interceptor Block IIA system and four MK29 launchers, in addition to the provision of technical and operational support by the US, Efe news reported.

The sale would also “follow through on President Donald Trump’s commitment to provide additional defensive capabilities to treaty allies” threatened by North Korea’s “provocative behaviour”, a State Department official said in a statement on Tuesday.

According to the statement, Japan will be able to strengthen its missile defence system with these weapons and the security of the US facilities in the region will thus also be increased.

According to the latest official data released by the US State Department, in 2016, the Congress authorised the sale of weapons to Japan worth $7.995 billion.


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