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UN official praises UAE women empowerment

UN official praises UAE women empowermentBeirut : A UN official on Tuesday praised the efforts by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in empowering Emirati women.

Abdul Salam Sayed Ahmad, Regional Representative of the UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner in the Middle East and North Africa, praised the UAE for granting women their rights to become a key and effective partner in building the society.

Ahmad said the election of the UAE as a member of the UN Human Rights Council was a confirmation of the country’s efforts in promoting the principles of humanity.

His comments came during his meeting with Hamad Saeed Sultan Al Shamsi, the UAE Ambassador to Lebanon, where they discussed the extent of the UAE’s commitment to international treaties and conventions.

Ambassador Al Shamsi emphasised the country’s interest in the human rights field to make a positive impact on the global level through constructive action to support the implementation of the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

He said that the UAE had taken an important step in this regard as its foreign policy pillars were based on the principles of justice, equality, respect for the rights of workers on its territory, as it attracts more than 200 nationalities.


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