The tale of two terrorists: The attackers and the Charlie Hebdo Cartoonist both are terrorists

Charlie Hebdo at the Liberation office Surviving staff from the magazine worked on the new edition from Liberation’s offices.Image courtesy BBC
Charlie Hebdo at the Liberation office
Surviving staff from the magazine worked on the new edition from Liberation’s offices.Image courtesy BBC

By Talha Huseyn,

‘And a drawing has never killed anyone’ he claimed But little did he know that this drawing pierced like an arrow in hearts of one billion people all over the globe. It cut through millions of hearts of the French Muslims and the International Muslim community. But the bigot was only concerned with his freedom not with other people’s emotions.

If insulting my Prophet is your freedom of expression, then please don’t cry croc’s tears when something like this happens, Picturing Muhammad PBUH is seen as a crime, they cartooned him, we kept quiet, they cartooned him naked, If your freedom of expression need insulting my Prophet, then such freedom and such expression is not worth it.its not freedom its anarchy.  And this is more dangerous as these hypocrites who are celebrating freedom today once banned this same paper when the paper wrote about Charles De Gaulle.

Coming to the reason behind this attacks, its reported  this newspaper was in forefront of insulting Islam in most disgraceful way. Its cartoons were borderline pornographic and its depiction of Prophet Muhammad were utterly objectionable and shameful. it even had a naked Muslim women with burqa inserted backside. now is that freedom of expression? or is that Bigotry? .

Then there is this novel “Submission” which has been one of most islamophobic novel of France. Now the Dudes who committed this massacre have actually proven them correct. They have successfully scared whole France. May Allah Protect our people in France and help them through this grave period unharmed. Its reported that there has been ten time increase in attacks on Muslims .

Instead of justify the either of attack. let me ask one simple thing? What Purpose this hypocritical freedom of expression serves when you insult my Prophet?? Which Issue this hypocrisy solves?? Does it solve world hunger? Or does it ends terror?? Or does it solve all the border disputes?? Then why on earth you need this so called freedom of expression?? .

You are free to draw whatever you want. But why insult my Prophet?? Does it give me a license to go murder everyone, just because I happen to possess a gun?? If yes, then why this attack is named as a terror attack and not the freedom of expression? why whole community has been made to stand in accused? If this attack was a terror attack, then cartooning of my Prophet was also a terror attack.

As the Washington Post describes it. “The anger that spilled blood of 12 men was not overnight, but it was built over the Years. The anger against Charlie Hebdo had been burning in the Background slowly. Charlie Hebdo continued to depict Muhammad and critique Islam in its editorial pages, resisting calls to stop the practice. With Wednesday’s brazen attack on the paper, that anger roared tragically to life.”

The problem with west is that they fail to understand the relation between Muhammad PBUH and his followers, they try to see it the way they see Christians and Jesus, or Hindus and their Gods or Jews and Yahweh. But the bond between Muhammad and Muslims is far more superior than any other bond that is present. For Muslims Muhammad PBUH is more than anything/anyone else. This love when questioned, criticized or mocked may keep them silent. But when it is insulted, it makes them restless. And the West has been constantly undermining this restlessness. The peacefulness of general Muslim community was beginning to be seen as cowardice or passiveness. All we ever ask that no mythological freedom insults this love and bond. Muslims tolerate far more bigotry and still display far more tolerance than others, but the West donot understand that the line here is Prophet Muhammad.

The first man to be arrested is the editor of the Magazine (unfortunately he is dead) , Who endangered lives of his employees by his hypocrisy and stoked controversy after controversy to sell his paper. Those atheists and anti-Muslim bigots who are sharing near pornographic images and talking advantage of the public outcry to label their bigotry as freedom are no less than terrorists; they are in fact far more dangerous given their sophistication.

People will cry hoarse at the gunmen for killing spree, and they should as it’s unethical and unislamic. But what does the courts in the France do when Muslims go to it with complaints? Here is a report you may want to read

Depictions of the prophet are strictly prohibited in the Islamic faith. In 2007, two French Muslim groups sued the newspaper for its decision to publish about a dozen Danish cartoons of Muhammad. The case was rejected in French courts, which determined that the “cartoons were covered by freedom of expression laws and were not an attack on Islam, but fundamentalists,”The BBC reported at the time.

When Muslims showed anger, what did the paper do? did it resort to dialogue ? Or understanding? No here is an account of what it did:

The weekly paper hit the newsstands as the temporarily renamed Charia Hebdo, a crude play on the word “sharia.”100 lashes if you are not dying of laughter,” Muhammad was depicted saying on the cover. Inside, there was more: Muhammad was depicted again, with a red clown nose.

Sitting 1000s of miles far away, now we have to condemn this attack. So that i am seen as peaceful and I can satisfy few bigots who are perpetual hungry for the stereotypes. But until the terrorists of Charlie hebdo are not criticized and reined in, why and how should I condemn this attack. For given the history of the paper, they will come out with far more disgusting and insulting images and cartoons.

Yes the attack was unjust and condemnable, but not shocking. We sympathize with those who were innocent and yet have to give their lives and we sympathize with the families of the dead people. But no we don’t sympathize for the one who drew the cartoons for he was a terrorist too.

Keep your freedom to you, your liberty ends where my Nose starts, it’s a real joke that some terrorists like hebdo editor are state protected and others are hunted down. When the mass murder like Netanyahu leads the protest march against these killings then this cruelty jumps to whole new level. Despite he killed 2500 people including 17 journalists (for which there was no outcry as usual) he was in the front line to show solidarity with slain cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.

To be frank No one opposes freedom of expression, but no one must support freedom of hate speech and violence, because hate attracts hate and violence attracts violence, and just like an Urdu poet said “ Khoon Apna Ho Ya Paraya Ho Nasle Adam Ka Khoon Hai Akhir”. Violence is violence no matter who is killed.


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