The Party Which did Bhakti of Ram and Became Arrogant was Stopped at 241, Says Indresh Kumar

JAIPUR – Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) ideologue Indresh Kumar has said that the ruling party fell short of a thumping majority as a feeling of arrogance had taken over and the INDIA bloc ended at Number 2 position for “being anti-Ram”.

Speaking at the ‘Ramrath Ayodhya Yatra Darshan Poojan Samaroh’ event in Kanota near Jaipur on Thursday, he said, “The party which did bhakti of Lord Ram and became arrogant was stopped at 241, however, it became the biggest party.” “And those who had no faith in Ram were stopped at 234,” he said, referring to the INDIA bloc.

He further said, “See the ‘Vidhan’ of Ram Rajya in democracy; those who did ‘Bhakti’ of Ram, but gradually turned arrogant, emerged as the biggest party, however, the vote and the power that they should have been given was stopped by God due to arrogance.”

“Further, none amongst those who opposed Ram were given power. All of them together were made number two,” he said.

This follows RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat’s statement a few days ago. Bhagwat said that a true ‘sevak’ should serve people without arrogance and maintain dignity. “Those who pray to Ram should be humble… Lord Ram does not discriminate and does not punish. Ram delivers justice to everyone. He gives and continues giving to all. Lord Ram was always just and will remain so,” he said.


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