The Dream Merchant of the Corporate Houses

By: Pratik Sinha

Not many can sell dreams to citizens who do not sleep due to hunger and abject miseries of their real lives. But Modi appears to be the special kind that history produces once in a while. Goebbels was one such diabolical genius. First he convinced the German Youth suffering from the severe economic crisis of the post first world war period that the exploitation by Jews was to be primarily blamed for all of Germany’s problems. Next, after poisoning the minds of the Germans against the Jews, Goebbels instigated them against the Communists who were identified with the Jews! On 27th February, 1933, Goebbels, Hitler and Goring conspired and burned down the Reichstag that housed the German Parliament. The communists who along with the Social democrats were still holding 55% of the seats were targeted as “traitors” and over 4000 were butchered. The instigation was of such enormous proportion that for the next twelve years, Germany remain under the evil spell of the the Nazis which recorded the most brutal killings of millions of Jews and their opponents.

We have had our Jews (Muslims) butchered in 2002. We have had BJP,the main opposition, identifying Congress with the Muslims. We are now seeing the youth of our country nudged to throw out Congress and free the country of Congress. Fortunately, the analogies do not go any further. But the search for the Dream Merchant of the Indian Corporate houses has definitely zeroed onto Modi. Pray, why?

The journey of the Indian capitalism was tortuous one since 1947. It grew under the banner of socialism and the slogan of “Roti Kapda aur Makan”. 1985 saw Rajiv Gandhi navigate the country closer towards the global capital. By 1990s, the Indian capitalists started looking towards BJP as yet another alternative to rule the country. By 1999, they did manage to install Atal Behari Vajpayee but Vajpayee didn’t have the stomach to digest the Gujarat pogrom.

Since 2002, the corporate houses have made Modi the chosen leader. They believe he can deliver the Governance to firmly install the rule of the corporate house. It is not surprising that in the Vibrant Gujarat summit of 2009, the entire galaxy of the Indian corporate class gave a standing ovation to Modi and anointed him as the “Prime Ministerial candidate”. They lost their trust in Congress and Manmohan Singh, the original pioneer of India globalisation, to exclusively work for them. Ever since the 2009 Vibrant Gujarat announcement, the corporate class has pushed in a big way to project Modi as the prime leader of India. The huge amount of money being spent on mobilization for Modi’s meetings and his propaganda machinery is being channeled by the corporate houses.

The Rewari meeting in Haryana with the former generals and military people was also put up by the money bags to send the signal to the uniformed regiments to back Modi. The mega lie of Modi in the Delhi meeting of 29th September alleging that Sharif had referred to Manmohan as a “dehati woman” is part of an ongoing conspiracy of war mongering to provoke a war like situation with Pakistan which the right-wingers can exploit by titillating the Indian sentiments just before the 2014 elections!

The next six months are a crucial period for Indian democracy. It is a direct confrontation between the people and the corporate houses. Let us defeat the communal forces, protect our democracy and our livelihood.

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