The Book ‘Two Sides of A Coin’ is a narrative by an Army Officer

Two Sides of a coinQuignog, an imprint of Pirates has come up with a fictitious book ‘Two Sides of A Coin’ that delves deep into the conscience of two individuals, the first being an army officer and other being a militant. Their dreams rest on their perceived realities of life.
The author has been innovatively daring in bringing to the fore the psychological state of two different individuals both convinced with the righteousness of their missions.
As the plot thickens, the tale brings forth some harsh realities about people who interpret missions of their life as divine principles, but later on realize that they are mere puppets to the schemes conspired in the higher echelons.
The author stresses upon the fact that there is a thin line between a terrorist and an insurgent, and in the context of Kashmir, the line gets even thinner.
Moreover, the narrative vividly describes the ravishing backdrop of Kashmir with references to natural landscape of the state, making it a compelling read.
The author has endeavoured to blend his personal experience and knowledge into a gripping tale of individuals of different backgrounds, with references to lifestyles of servicemen and local residents of the province.
‘Two Sides of A Coin’ is informative, insightful and a must-read master fiction piece on Kashmir, available in Amazon and prominent book stores of India.
The author of ‘Two Sides of A Coin’ is a serving Officer in the  Indian Army, commissioned in the Infantry regiment. He has done his graduation from the National Defence Academy and Post- Graduation from the Indian Military Academy.
Educated at Mumbai, US and Gujarat, the author, inspired by his inherent understanding has written his book, titled, ‘Two Sides of a Coin’.


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