Teachers Responsible for Quality of Education: Experts

Minority Affairs Advisor to Government of Telangana A. K. Khan, IPS (Retd.) releasing souvenir of India Education Conclave.
Minority Affairs Advisor to Government of Telangana A. K. Khan, IPS (Retd.) releasing souvenir of India Education Conclave.

By Pervez Bari

Hyderabad: Expert academicians and educationists stressed that the Quality of education received by the students depends on the faculty of teaching. There is no dignity, peace and quality of living without exposure to quality education, opined experts during the inaugural session of Indian Education Conclave 2019 here on Thursday.

Not giving the students the right opportunities for progress is not just injustice but it’s a sin, said Minority Affairs Advisor to Government of Telangana A.K. Khan, who is an IPS (Retd.).

Addressing the inaugural session of the 4-day India Education Conclave at Madina Education Centre, Mr. Khan said: “secular high quality education doesn’t mean moving away from Islamic values while stressing on the importance of engaging with clergymen.”

Mr. Khan, who is also the president of TMRIES, said: “moral values are important constituent of one’s character and education system must focus on impressing moral values alongside education in students.” Telangana state has made significant progress in education, referring to minority residential schools and other welfare schemes for minorities including the Shaadi Mubarak program”.

According to Mr. Khan, Central government programmes cannot be optimally utilized as they are rigid in certain aspects which prevents educational institutions from taking full advantage of the schemes. For instance, while there may be provisions under Central government to establish an institution but the condition would warrant seeing it up at a place chosen by the government which may contrast the location where such institution is actually required. The state government better understands the local situation, he added.

Decoding ‘Quality Education’, India Director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Amirullah Khan said the pre-requisite for quality education is good teacher. In reality a good teacher makes a good student. Teachers must constantly undergo skill development and training programs. They must also be made accountable for the performance of the students, he added.

He pointed out that while the major focus in schools usually is on language, the biggest difficulty faced by students is problem solving and learning mathematics – terming the two as major reason for dropouts. There is a dearth of good mathematics teachers, and particularly in minority institutions there are no good teachers. He called upon MESCO to emphasize on empowering teachers to teach mathematics better to prepare students for the future.

Speaking on the occasion Consul General of Iran Haghbin Ghomi said: “Iran has transformed itself from a country with or percent illiteracy into the world’s fastest-growing scientific nations. Today, Iran has students world-class universities. The capacity of our universities has increased from 10 thousand students to about a million.”

He said “the path to co-existence, peace and security in today’s world is to provide quality education to our next generation, which is possible through exchange of progressive opinions among the elites and reference groups.”

Mr. P. A. Inamdar, Chairman, MEC Maharashtra said the Muslim community must conquer and overcome their inferiority complex to actively progress in all fields, including education.

Organizing Committee Chairman and Secretary MESCO Dr. Fakhruddin Mohammed welcomed the guests and delegates.

A souvenir was released on the occasion by Minority Affairs Advisor to Government of Telangana A. K. Khan on the occasion.

Asad Mirza, Mrs. Anjum Babukhan, Prof. Syed Jahangir, Dean – Islamic Studies, EFLU, and others also spoke on the occasion.

Meanwhile, on this occasion, Miss Asra Qureshi, who secured all India 16th rank in NEET and 3rd position amongst girls, was felicitated and presented a cheque of fifty thousand rupees on behalf of MESCO. While P. A. Inaamdar, announced a reward of 1 lakh rupees to Miss Asra Qureshi.

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