TCS-eMigrate system creating problem for Indian labours

V.S. Abdulkareem, Abu Asim Azmi,Athar Qureshi and Ghulam Pesh Imam on dias
V.S. Abdulkareem, Abu Asim Azmi,Athar Qureshi, Mustafa Punjabi and Ghulam Pesh Imam on dais

Is the TCS-eMigrate Online Emigration system creating problem for unskilled Indian labours? New software designed for passport procedure has become a major problem for the Indian emigrants. More than 1 lakh emigrants are surfering from this procedure and lots of Visas are on their deadline.  

By UZMA HAMID, for Maeeshat

Indian labours are mostly in demand by the gulf countries .As Indian labours work in gulf countries it brings India a great amount of revenue. But has there is a new software called TCS-eMigrate implemented by the Ministry of overseas Indian Affairs to clear passport which  has become a major problem because of its server breakdowns and  has caused a bulk of passports pending.


The emigrate system was launched on September 25 has ruffled feathers of applicants,Recruiting agents (RAs) who help the applicants in completing the procedure for a commission and the emigration officers at the Mumbai protector of Emigrants (POE). According to them the system for, which the government has reportedly paid Rs 92 crores to Tata Counsultancy Services (TCS) has become the hurdle in their working system. With the previous system, called SAI the Protector of Emigrants office (PoE) employees would clear minimum 4,000 passports daily. emigrate could clear 200-300 passports a day. But has the new system TCS requires a lot more work to be done as compared to SAI. It requires scanned documents at every step .And moreover, the server breakdown has made the officers to pull their hair apart and work day and night including holiday .Despite this, they are behind schedule by 15-20 days, comparing to SAI.

SAI system was developed by the Former PoE emigrants Sandeep Roy,which costed around 10 lakh and never gave any problem to the emigrants it worked 24×7 without any server issues till 30 years.

Protest against eMigrate System
Protest against eMigrate System

According, to the Indian Personnel Export Promotion Council (IPEPCIL) the new software has become the major reason for unemployment in India, has there are lakhs of people waiting for their passport clearance. Many of them have lost their contracts. Some visas are expired, some are on the deadline, The new system has created a havoc for people working in gulf countries before there used to be 50,000 passports issued for gulf countries which has now decreased to 3000-5000. This has affected the Indian Economy.

TCS has become the reason for unemployment in India .And has led to Economy Crises..It is quite shocking to learn why the government went ahead with the 92 crores project when the SAI was costing only Rs 10 lakh.”

Satish  Dubey, project director of the eMigrate project from TCS said ,Í am not authorised to speak on this matter .The ministry will comment on it,

An official spokesperson of ministry of overseas India Affairs said “The eMigrate system was awarded to TCS through a detailed RPF process .It was tested by the third party (STQC) before making the system operational. Complete documentation from the system is available for the required eMigrate system on October 17,2014 only 974 were pending. There is no additional requirement of document for eMigrate system.

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