Social and Economic Divide at IITs: A Report

IIT Delhi
IIT Delhi

Monthly parental income of 70% successful candidates is above Rs One lakh. Educational qualification of 68% is graduation or above while 2.46% is illiterate.

By Mumtaz Alam,

New Delhi: There is a huge social divide in terms of educational and economic background of the students who qualify for admission at IITs of the country, reveals an official report. The parental monthly income of around 42% of the qualified candidates of ITT-JEE 2014 was between Rs one lakh and five lakh. While the parents of over 42% of the successful candidates were graduates the percentage of illiterate parent was 2.46%.

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According to the 564-page Report of the Joint Implementation Committee, prepared by Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, 27152 candidates qualified the Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2014, some 11276 of them (i.e. 41.52%) were those whose parental income was between Rs one lakh and five lakh. While 13.2% of the qualified candidates had parental income of over Rs eight lakh, 18.65% had up to Rs one lakh parental income.

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The report says that parents of more than 29% of the successful candidates were in government service, 16.71% were in business while only 2.22% were doctors. The parental occupation of around 9% of the successful candidates was agriculture.

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On educational front, parents of 42% candidates were graduate and 26% post-graduate while 2.46% were illiterate.


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