Sadbhavna Manch—A Need of the hour

gaya sadvhavnaBy  Tameemuddin Humble, GAYA (Bihar)

Gaya: (Maeeshat News) Peace and Humanity campaign of Jamaat e Islami Hind (JIH) triggered off a nationwide dialogue process among the communities to dispel the inter-faith misunderstandings and to fill the ever increasing communication gap between their followers.

Gaya Zila Sadbhavna Manch, the strategic result of the fortnight campaign, from 21st August to 4th September, in Gaya, conducted its first public meeting on Sunday, the 4th September’ 2016 at A R Palace with the several scholarly deliberations of the Guest speakers from Patna and Magadh Universities chaired by the renowned social activist cum academician, Mrs Geeta Kumari alias ‘Geeta Didi’ retired as Principal from the Teachers’ Training College in Gaya.

The Chief Speaker, Prof Tarun Kumar of Patna University, raised many questions to ponder such as, “had Islam not been to India, what would have happened to Hindus”, “had the British not come to India, would have country been divided” etc. In his long speech, he advised the Muslim community to have at least two Hindus as family friends.

The Chief Guest, Prof Daizy Narayan, History Department, Patna University and President, PUCL Bihar, dealt extensively with changes being taken place in the History text books. She emphasised the importance of mutual respect to be inculcated during childhood and demonstrated the Japanese culture, how a Japanese child learns to respect each other in their schools, taking a person along her side and practically showing the audience.

Mr Shabbir Alam Khan, representing JIH, introduced the inter-faith symposium on Sadbhavna and made an appeal to the audience to support and carry forward the cause of the Sadbhavna Manch.

Prof K K Narayan, Department of English, Gaya College; Sri Satyendra Singh, social activist; Mr Satish Kumar, President, Ambedkar Sangharsh Morcha; Sri Mahant Harendra Giriji, Khajbatia Matth; M A Kazmi, Rtd IPS and Adv. Sartaj Ali Khan, president, Gaya Zila Sadbhavna Manch spoke on the occasion. The member of the Manch, Mr Qamruddin Warsi, Rtd Chief Manager, SBI, conducted the symposium.

The people appreciated the initiative of JIH to foster peace and humanity in the country which needs sustained efforts and dialogue with the people having contentious views.

The program was concluded at the extempore presentation of National Anthem by Prof K K Narayan.

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