Russia completes delivery of S-300 missile systems to Syria

S-300 missile systems
S-300 missile systems

Moscow : Russia has delivered to Syria S-300 air defence systems to improve safety of its military personnel deployed in the country, Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has said.

“We have completed the delivery of S-300 systems. This includes 49 pieces of equipment: lighting locators, basic detection systems, control vehicles and four launchers,” Shoigu said on Tuesday during a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and members of the Russian Security Council, according to a Kremlin transcript.

The delivery was completed on Monday, which was part of measures aimed at strengthening air defence systems in Syria and the protection of Russian military personnel, the minister said, Xinhua reported.

In addition, the electronic warfare system in Syria was significantly strengthened and the delivery of equipment of the unified control system has also begun.

The Defence Ministry has started training the selected personnel and specialists to use the S-300 systems, which will last for three months, Shoigu said.

On September 17, a Russian Il-20 surveillance plane was mistakenly downed by Syria’s S-200 system when it was preparing to land at the Russian Hmeymim air base at a time when four Israeli jets were conducting an airstrike in the vicinity.

Last week, Shoigu said that Moscow will strengthen Syria’s air defence by providing it with modern S-300 missile systems and identification friend-or-foe (IFF) devices within two weeks.



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