Roll Back Fuel Price and bring a National Fuel Policy

Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas
Dr.Qasim Rasool Ilyas

New Delhi: (Press Release) Roll Back Fuel Price and bring a National Fuel Policy, demanded Welfare Party of India Welfare Party of India shunned the BJP government for increasing the price of Diesel and Petrol and demanded National fuel price policy matching international standards.

Dr SQR Ilyas National President of Welfare Party of India strongly condemned Modi government and said despite crude oil prices dropping significantly in the international market, the Modi government continues to loot the common man by not passing on the relief  instead it has exorbitantly  increased the fuel price and demanded common fuel price policy for the entire nation in tune with the international standards.

He said the Pandemic lockdown has badly affected the common man and many have lost their livelihood and for many their salaries slashed and during such pressing times the Modi government instead of providing some relief has insensitively increased the fuel price.

He said the agriculture sector is already badly affected by the government’s bad policies further the pandemic crises has worsened the situation and now the fuel hike on this sector, who are largely dependent on it is a death knell blow.

Dr Ilyas pointed out that the fuel price hike will have impact on all essential commodities and will lead to its price hike too which will ultimately burn the pockets of the common man.

Dr Ilyas pointed out that the international crude oil prices have fallen and are at the lowest level in 15 years, yet petrol and diesel prices in our country are hiked and common people continue to suffer under the Modi government.

He urged the Modi government not to suck the blood of the poor citizens and demanded the fuel price hike to be dropped immediately.


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