Record 208 lakh tonnes wheat procured in Rabi season

rabiNew Delhi, (IANS) Government agencies have procured a record 208.11 lakh tonnes of wheat from farmers in the ongoing Rabi season, union ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution stated here on Monday.

“During the ongoing Rabi marketing season, the government agencies have procured 208.11 lakh MT (metric tonnes) wheat from farmers as on May 2, 2016. Procurement on the day during previous marketing season, i.e. 2015-16, was 189.27 lakh MT,” a statement released by the Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution ministry said.

The procurement is 18.84 lakh tonnes more over the previous year.

“Punjab has led the procurement with 98.94 lakh MT followed by Haryana with 64.64 lakh MT. Madhya Pradesh has also made significant procurement, i.e. 36.05 lakh MT,” the statement added.

One metric tonne equals 1,000 kg of weight.


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