Rajdeep Sardesai gets ‘death threats’ for saying ‘Hindu terror’ is a reality

India's eminent TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai
India’s eminent TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai


New Delhi: India’s eminent TV journalist Rajdeep Sardesai has got threatening tweets over his Friday night tweet wherein he had said ‘Hindu terror’ is a ‘reality’ which ‘can’t be denied’. In the same tweet, he had also said, ‘Islamic terror’ is a ‘global reality’ which ‘can’t be denied’.

Around 10 PM on Friday (31st July), Rajdeep Sardesai tweeted on his twitter handle @sardesairajdeep: “My view: ‘Islamic terror’ is a global reality, can’t be denied; ‘Hindu terror’ highly localised, can’t be denied.”

A few minutes after the tweet, Rajdeep got a threatening tweet from this twitter handle ‏@Jitu345: “@sardesairajdeep aapko ek din ek Hindu terrorist hi supurd-e-khak karega” (You will be buried by a Hindu terrorist one day).

And soon Rajdeep was rained with abusive and threating tweets.

Here are some of them:

— @sardesairajdeep don’t understand the significance of shoes here though @Jitu345

— @sardesairajdeep @Jitu345 hindu gadho ko nahi marte darpok Tum mental hospital jaoge

— @sardesairajdeep @Jitu345 Death is, after all, Salvation. None would Like to kill you. U r badly needed to be Bloodboiled !

But some have also supported him and condemned abuses and threats to him.

— @sardesairajdeep: Guys plz stop threating a journalist, he is doing his job, negative but sill , Hindu terrorism never exist in. 5000 yrs.

— @Jitu345 u shud not have talked lik this to @sardesairajdeep .i condemn it.

— @sardesairajdeep आपको इनके खिलाफ जान से मारने की धमकी देने का मुकदमा दायर करना चाहिए। ऐसेलोग तभी मानेगे @Jitu345

In response to abuses and threats, Rajdeep on Sunday morning tweeted:

“Sunday Ko death threwt? RT@Jitu345: @sardesairajdeep aapko ek din ek Hindu terrorist hi supurd-e-khak karega”

Abuse less, love more and be good: Rajdeep’s response to abuses and threats

And then he politely advised all to abuse less, love more and be good.

“Ok folks, Have a restful Sunday: tweet less, think more, abuse less, love more. And be good. Bye,” he tweeted.

A little before his Friday night tweet, he had posted a question on his twitter handle: “Just asking: if we should avoid using the term ‘hindu terror’, then should we also avoid using the term Islamic terror? What is your view?”

Rajnath Singh on ‘Hindu terror’

Earlier in the day on Friday, Home Minister Rajnath Singh while making a statement in the Lok Sabha over the Gurdaspur terror attack had criticized the previous Congress government for coining the term ‘Hindu terror’.

Singh alleged that the term “weakened” the country’s fight against terror and diverted the direction of investigation into acts of terror.

Rajdeep’s 4-minute video on Mumbai riot and blast

On Friday, Sardesai had also posted his own video on his blog . In the 4-minute video he questioned why the commitment shown by government in Yakub Memon’s case was not shown in the Mumbai riots cases of 1992-93 which had caused the Mumbai blasts a few months later.

“The 1993 Bombay blast was a direct fallout of the Bombay riots of Dec 1992 and Jan 1993. This is what the Srikrishna Commission which was appointed to look into the violence explicitly states. And as a reporter who covered the riots and the blasts I can say it is 100% true,” he said.

“The fact is 900 people died in the Mumbai riots but only a handful have been convicted. Most of the people involved are scot-free or out on bail which is why we must ask: Are only certain types of crimes could lead to this public anger and outrage that results in the death penalty? Will those who are involved in other forms of mass violence be going to get away?”

“Is killing your neighbor no less worse than a terror act and that is the question I want to raise at the end. Those who instigated riots in this country have sometimes got state funerals; those who perpetrate terror acts deserve to be sent to the gallows but what about the rest. It’s an inconvenient truth I know but it’s one that I will continue to ask.”

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